Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Your Perfect Custom Itinerary

Your Perfect Custom Itinerary

The flexibility presented by Talon Air is second to none.  Custom itineraries, both simple and elaborate can be arranged with the help of Talon’s dedicated concierge staff.  There are a few reasons that Talon Air possesses this level of flight itinerary customizability. 

Talon’s Diverse Fleet

Talon’s diverse fleet is comprised of light, midsize, super-midsize, heavy jets, helicopters, turbo-props and amphibious planes, all with varying flight range and passenger accommodating capabilities.  This allows for a custom itinerary based upon the client’s requirements and expectations.    

Talon’s Multiple Crews

Talon Air’s penchant for the perfect custom itinerary benefits from the expertly-executed operations of multiple crews. All crews are on standby for immediate take-off and are ready to pilot Talon’s aircraft to and from our sites of fixed-base operation. 

Talon’s Access to Restricted Airports

Access to restricted airports and FBO’s  allow Talon’s esteemed clientele to avoid the congestion of major airports, and benefit from quicker admittance to popular vacation spots, business hubs and other highly sought after destinations.  This creates the opportunity for a variety of custom itinerary options. 

To book your perfect custom itinerary with one of our experienced representatives, please phone us at (888) TALON-AIR, or click Get a Quote.