VIP Private Jet Catering

Enjoy fine dining at 45,000 feet with Talon Air. We offer an unprecedented private jet catering menu that has been designed and inspired by top chefs, offering a spectrum of fine cuisine to delight even the most discriminating palate.

If you are traveling on a morning flight for either business or pleasure, indulge in Greek yogurt, prepared with homemade peach or apricot jam. For a short flight, dine on gourmet snacks such as dried figs and cranberries with almonds and Cabot clothbound cheddar. One example of fine lunch fare on our private jet catering menu includes grilled flank steak with caramelized onions on ciabatta bread with a side of grilled corn and avocado salad with lemon bars for dessert.

For evening flights, take pleasure in a multi-course dinner experience with dishes such as Mediterranean grilled and spiced lamb chops with peas, couscous and an arugula salad, and papaya and coconut-lime yogurt for dessert. Don’t forget to pair your selections and toast your latest journey with the finest wines, Champagne and top-shelf liquor available. As always, everything is served with a warm smile by our personable flight attendants.

Custom Menus with Private Jet Catering

A standard in-flight menu is included on all of Talon’s private charter flights, but it is steps above the “standard.” Any in-flight private jet catering menu can be tailored to address any special dietary needs. Simply let our staff know about any deviations you require in advance. Additionally, private jet catering from the restaurant of your choice can be integrated into your flight experience if you choose.

Allow Talon Air’s private jet catering to inspire your palette and satisfy your every in-flight craving. For a delicious adventure, call Talon Air representatives at (888) TALON-AIR, or click here to Get a Quote.

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