Friday, April 12th, 2013

Why Use an Operator Instead of a Broker?

Why Use an Operator Instead of a Broker?

Talon Air is the premiere owner and operator of private jets as displayed by their stellar client services whether they take place in the sky or on land.  Talon Air’s professionals will never hesitate to let their valued clientele know the benefits of choosing them as their preferred private jet operator.  Let’s touch upon some of the reasons to use an operator instead of a middle-man broker. 

1. Accountability

Talon Air has full operational control; Talon employees fly, dispatch and perform maintenance duties on Talon aircraft.  Brokers do not own any aircraft and have no control of, or stake in the quality of the services and safety provided.

2. Consistent Pricing

Talon Air offers consistent, transparent and all-inclusive pricing.  A broker is unable to offer regular pricing because they do not own or operate the aircraft and therefore do not have the ability to provide pricing that reflects the needs of both the operator and customer.

3. Guaranteed Availability

Due to the lack of ownership, a broker cannot guarantee a private jet’s availability at any time of the day, week, month or year the way an operator, who has possession of each aircraft’s schedule is able to.

4. Crew Transparency

With an operator, clients are privy to the tail number and who the pilot and crew members are upon charter confirmation.  When using a broker, there is no way of knowing beforehand.

5. Maximum Safety

Brokers have no way of, or interest in acquiring FAA operating certificates and as such, have no safety records based on the history of their brokered flights.  The FAA and other leading safety organizations perform annual audits and consistently award Talon Air the highest safety ratings, further solidifying a genuine commitment to safety.

So remember, use an operator and not a broker for your trips on private jets.  To ask questions, obtain more information or book your private jets, contact our certified customer service team today at 1-888-TALON-AIR or just click “Get A Quote.