Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

The 26th Icehotel Opens

The 26th Icehotel Opens

For some it is a bucket list item, for others it is an annual event: Sweden’s original Icehotel. The structure opens December 11th, 2015 to welcome throngs of international visitors before melting entirely into groundwater next Spring. In that brief time, however, Icehotel will make an indelible impression. This year 19 suites have been constructed each with a different theme. One grandly recreates a theatre set from Imperial Russia, another contains a life-size elephant and yet another is decorated with flying sheep to inspire sweet dreams. The most extraordinary fact surrounding this hostelry is that it is entirely created from ice and snow. Be part of this year’s event! Talon Air can arrange your entire trip in your luxury private jet to Sweden and ensure that your carefree excursion begins upon takeoff. Our concierge service will see to every detail you request, however small, to make every moment of your private jet flight in our luxuriously-appointed, new Gulfstream V, and your trip magical.

Unique guest suites are but one of many singular features of this exciting venue. Icehotel’s appointments and decor feature many familiar comforts such as (ice) crystal chandeliers, a bar and even a chapel. Another extraordinary feat is the yearly construction of this ice palace. How is this possible? Location, location, location. Icehotel is built some 200 miles above the Arctic Circle in a remote village where winter temperatures hover around -25C. Initially, huge blocks of ice are quarried and trucked to the building site. Ice block construction is reinforced with “snice” (compressed snow and ice) to form walls. Just as interior designers follow tradesmen, when the structure is ready to be furnished, artisans and ice sculptors are summoned. The results are truly one of the many “wonders of the world.” 

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Despite these intricately carved walls and furnishings, it can still be less than cozy to spend a night at the Icehotel. The interior maintains a frigid -5C. Overnight guests must change into their nightwear at a separate building constructed from conventional building materials. This structure is heated to a balmy 72°. Guests are presented with a down sleeping bag and escorted to their chambers in the Icehotel. Many overnight guests delight in the experience, enjoying the play of light upon the walls. Most stay only one night and travel throughout the country for the remainder of their stay. Here again, upon request, Talon Air will create and book an itinerary for you and your entourage. We will gladly make ground arrangements or assemble another private jet flight to another destination if you wish.

If your visit to the Icehotel kicks off an extended weekend, Talon Air’s concierge services can arrange for you to go skiing, snowmobiling,or to see the breathtaking light curtain that is the Northern Lights. If one night without conventional room service has you yearning for a four star dining experience capped with a night at the Opera, Talon Air’s cordial and efficient staff can make that happen for you as well. For over a decade, Talon Air Jets has been the leader in providing luxury private jet services, even on less than three hours notice, without missing a step or overlooking a request. Our attention to detail is legendary as is our service. To reserve your private jet flight –your adventure begins the moment you board our Gulfstream V- to make your  annual trek or once in a lifetime excursion to Sweden’s Icehotel, call us at (888) Talon Air today!