Martha Stewart

Private Jet Charter Client

“When flying, safety is paramount. But I also want to be in a comfortable environment. Talon Air provides both. In addition to having well maintained aircraft, excellent pilots, and the highest safety ratings, Talon Air makes me feel like I am their only client, attending to my personal preferences and providing custom catering. When I arrive at my destination, I am relaxed and ready for whatever lies ahead. I couldn’t ask for a finer travel experience.”

Andy Roddick

Private Jet Charter Client

“I use private aviation to keep up with my demanding schedule. Talon Air has consistently exceeded my expectations on every trip. I am proud to say that I am a member of the ‘Talon Air Family’ and highly recommend their private jet service to anyone.”

Lebron James

Private Jet Charter Client

“Talon Air is the best choice for my travel needs. Talon has always been able to handle all of my requests. The only thing their team puts ahead of service is safety. They make traveling care free.”

Hawker 4000 Owner

Managed Aircraft Owner and Private Pilot

“There are no words to describe the level of professionalism and service that I received from Talon on this past trip. I could not be happier with the attention to detail and immediate responses by everyone at the Talon office. To say I’m impressed, is an understatement. I never enjoyed owning a plane more than this past week. You guys are simply the best. To write an email about how great the crew was, would take me forever. The Captain and First Officer did everything to make the trip perfect, all the while displaying some of the finest piloting skills I have ever seen… and I have seen a lot. Thank you again for handling all my requests . It was FLAWLESS. Keep up the good work. You are all the best in the business.”

Hawker 800XP Owner

Managed Aircraft Client

“My aircraft is not just a business tool but also an investment. I wouldn’t trust any company other than Talon Air to protect and manage my investment. Their charter staff, operations department and pilots continuously exceed my expectations. Their maintenance team always ensures that my aircraft has minimal down time. When my aircraft is down for inspection, I am able to use any of their other aircraft. I am proud to say that my aircraft is a part of the Talon Air Fleet.”

Gulfstream IVSP Owner

Managed Aircraft Client

“Three words: Attention to Detail. My aircraft was managed by two other New York based operators prior to Talon Air. I’ve never seen an operation remotely close to Talon’s. Every aspect of their company is managed with military precision. I couldn’t be happier with the number of charter hours delivered, transparent financial reporting and overall care for my plane.”

Gulfstream 450 Owner

Aircraft Maintenance Client

“My Gulfstream wasn’t as bullet proof as the salesman said it was when I purchased it in late 2005. Luckily, Talon Air Maintenance Services has been there for every mechanical issue, scheduled maintenance, and interior upgrade. They have assembled the finest factory trained technicians that my Chief Pilot and I have worked with during the past 25 years that I have been an aircraft owner. I can always count on them to return my aircraft to service with minimal interruption to my schedule. I will put Talon’s maintenance staff against the best NASCAR pit crew any day of the week.”

Fortune 100 Flight Dispatcher

Private Jet Charter Client

“I did extensive homework when vetting ARG/US Platinum private jet operators to provide additional lift for my executive team. Talon has proved that their operation far exceeds any other company with comparable safety ratings. Talon is truly a one stop shop; from their in-house fleet of cars and SUVs, diverse fleet of helicopters, sea planes, turbo props and jet aircraft to their in-house caterers and security personnel. They take the word business out of business aviation and strive to provide an unsurpassed seamless travel solution.”

Allan Houston

Talon Air Charter Client

“I’ve been a client of Talon Air since they first opened their doors 11 years ago. I’ve been fortunate to see them grow into one of the most successful jet charter operations in the world. Every time I step on board one of their aircraft I see that new entertainment components, Wi-Fi internet or other amenities have been added. Talon Air continues to raise the bar and I am pleased to see their continued success.”

Billie Jean King

Talon Air Charter Client

“Talon Air is a real team player and they have always provided outstanding service for me and for Mylan World TeamTennis. From Talon’s charter coordinators, who keep up with our flexible schedules, to their flight crews who are available on a moment’s notice, Talon Air has always exceeded our expectations.”