Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Talon’s Facility Approved For TSA Screening

Talon’s Facility Approved For TSA Screening

TALON AIR, New York’s most comprehensive private jet charter company, now offers its customers non-stop service from their executive jet terminal at Republic Airport (FRG) to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) in Washington, DC. This expanded service was made possible after the Talon Air facility was granted approval after a recent Transportation Security Administration (TSA) inspection. The TSA will now screen travelers in Talons private lounge prior to boarding their private aircraft.

“It’s great having the TSA finally at our facility”, said Bill Sivori, Talon Air’s TSA Security Specialist.  “Our clients are very excited about the expanded service and we are happy to have an increased Homeland Security presence at our facility.”

As a DCA Gateway, Republic Airport is connecting local Long Island businesses with the Washington, DC community. Under the DCA Access Standard Security Program (DASSP), approved private jet operators may conduct charter flights into and out of DCA. The DASSP requires advanced qualification and background checks of crews, TSA inspection of crew and passengers, and baggage screening, among other requirements. One of the most significant requirements is that an approved and armed law enforcement officer must be on board the private jet during each flight. These law enforcement officers are trained and certified by the TSA.  Operators who fly into DCA must arrive from an approved portal airport such as Republic Airport (FRG). The portal airports are spread across the U.S., with a heavier concentration in the Northeast.

To learn more about Talon Air’s services and charter fleet or to request a charter quote to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), visit www.TalonAirJets.com  or call 631.753.8881.

Source: Talon Air, Inc.