Compare And See The Talon Air Advantage

In business two demographics must be observed: your clients and your competition. It is easy to please the one sector and outpace the other if you anticipate and exceed clients’ expectations. That is Talon Air’s credo: Attention to Detail. It has made us a leader in the private air charter industry where reputations are made and maintained through service and lost by overlooking important details.

Often the difference between success and failure is commitment. Talon Air, Inc. is committed to providing our valued clientele with programs and services to ensure that Talon’s private jet charters exceed client expectations on every flight.

Before You Book Your Next Private Aircraft Charter, Consider Talon Air’s Benefits:

  • Guaranteed availability: Talon offers the most diversified private aircraft fleet of select planes which includes heavy jets, super-midsize jets, midsize jets, light jets, turbo props, and helicopters. Talon Air, Inc. both owns and operates 25 of the latest private aircraft. A vertically integrated ARG/US Platinum fleet ensures that Talon can accommodate any trip request within three hours if necessary.
  • The average age of our aircraft is 18 months. Our competitors’ aircraft fleets range from 4 years up to as high as 25!
  • Our private jet charter prices are all inclusive. This is not the case with most of our competitors.
  • Talon Concierge: Consider our VIP Concierge Service an extension of your personal assistant. We are adept at fulfilling every pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight request including ground transportation, accommodations and meals. Talon Air collaborates to learn client requirements and deliver a seamless, relaxing travel experience.
  • Programs: Talon offers exclusive programs including Talon Air Charter, Talon Air Management, Talon Air for Corporations, Talon Air Maintenance and Talon Air Empty Leg Flights –for more details as to how you and your business can benefit from one or more of our programs, please contact us at 631-753-8881.

When you consider all these advantages (and there are many more), Talon Air has no competition. Book your next private air charter with Talon Air and see for yourself. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you. Our aircraft fleet offers the travel solution for any private aircraft charter itinerary. Call us at 1-888-TalonAir today!

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