Thursday, August 15th, 2013

5 Things That Go Into Talon Air’s Rates Clients Should Be Aware Of

5 Things That Go Into Talon Air’s Rates Clients Should Be Aware Of

Opulence, speed, convenience and security are the cornerstones of Talon Air’s commitment to its passengers and clients.  Many wonder what costs go into making this well-oiled luxury aviation machine operate at such incredible efficiency, with such undeniably positive results.  Talon Air is here to provide valued clients with a measure of transparency for their private jet charter rates.  

Here are a handful of fees (aside from given overheads such as crew salaries and aircraft maintenance) that go into the total cost of a private flight with Talon Air: 

Landing Fees

Whether it is an immense international airport or small municipal airport, landing fees are part of the cost associated with private jet charter rates.

Ramp and Handling Fees

All private fixed-base operations charge ramp fees.  These cover the handling of the aircraft and its passengers.

Federal Excise Tax

FETs are fees imposed by the government on goods and services.  They currently add 7.5% to the total operation costs that make up private jet charter rates.

Fuel Surcharge

This encompasses the difference in the average cost of fuel as compared to what the current cost of fuel is.

Overnight Fees

Fixed-base operations charge overnight parking fees should the aircraft remain there overnight.

Talon Air is absolutely transparent when it comes to its all-inclusive private jet services.  Talon provides a quote with accurate, applicable fees upfront, and never invoices higher than what is listed on the quote after completion of the trip.

To take to the skies with Talon Air’s capable crew, luxury accommodations and transparent private jet charter rates, phone Talon Air representatives at 1-888-TALON-AIR, or click “Get a Quote”.