Friday, November 13th, 2015

Talon Air: The Private Jet Charter Leader Goes Above and Beyond

Talon Air: The Private Jet Charter Leader Goes Above and Beyond

What are the first words that come to mind when stepping inside one of Talon’s aircraft? Elegant, Plush, Well-appointed and of course Brand New.

The interior of our 20+ aircraft are no older than 3 years of age which is unheard of in the On-Demand Private Jet Industry. We pride ourselves on offering the best service, flown by the best crew on the best aircraft at the most competitive price.

To be the best, one must also be the first and the finest. Headquartered near the city that never sleeps, Talon Air’s staff also works tirelessly to ensure our elite private jet charter company continuously strives to provide the amenities and services our discriminating clientele require.

We anticipate and fulfill client needs, often before they realize their necessity. It was not enough that we offer one of the youngest and optimally-maintained fleets. Talon Air aimed to eclipse that earlier triumph. Here are but a few of our latest innovations:

Talon Air: First with the Finest Innovations

We’ve just completely overhauled and redesigned our Signature Large Cabin Aircraft. From tip to tail, each aircraft boasts enhancements that were implemented with our customers’ input, to produce a superior experience that cannot be found anywhere in the charter industry -only from Talon Air.

Inside and out, refinements abound. A new exterior paint scheme belies luxurious new appointments within: plush leather seats, custom carpets and high-end, in-flight entertainment systems are the distinctive changes our clients will notice as they board our aircraft. Once seated personal conveniences will become apparent: individual USB ports, individual Apple iPad’s, cabin management control panels, Apple AirPlay access and the digital movie and music library at your fingertips are among the distinctions and client-conscious upgrades that set our aircraft apart from the competition.

We know the little things can go a long way. And that it is the personal touches which distinguish our airline from our industry peers. Talon Air has focused its upgrades on the smallest details in both the amenities and the renowned service we provide. Talon Air’s conveniences frees our clientele so they can remain focused on their objectives while we anticipate and fulfill their every in-flight and on the ground travel requirement.

Reserve Your Next Private Jet Charter From Talon Air’s Remastered Gulfstream Fleet

If your group is large or small, Talon can accommodate your specifications with ease. Here are some in-demand examples from Talon’s well-maintained Gulfstream fleet:

Gulfstream IVSP
Completely remastered in 2015
14 passenger configuration
8.5 hour range

Gulfstream G350
Completely remastered in 2015
14 passenger configuration
7.5 hour range

Gulfstream V
Completely remastered in 2015
17 passenger configuration
12 hour range

Planning a business or personal trip and have not yet experienced the Talon Air private jet charter difference? Call our representatives to get a quote and discuss your requirements today: (888) Talon Air!