Monday, January 14th, 2013

Talon Air CEO Swoops in to Jewish Community Center’s Aid

The Poughkeepsie JCC in Dutchess County has been around for half a century, serving the community with its swimming pool, gym, classrooms and other facilities.  Although JCC stands for Jewish Community Center, the Poughkeepsie JCC works for all faiths and races.  The center provides early childhood education, senior programs, continuing education and physical education in addition to other important services for their community.  Unfortunately, declining revenue has led to a financial dilemma.

Since 1963, the JCC has kept its doors open, serving the local community.  But in the last decade they’ve fallen under a financial burden that they have been unable to shake and are now facing the possibility of bankruptcy.  This not only means that the center’s employees are at risk of losing their jobs, but that those in the community who have counted on the center and its staff to provide guidance, camaraderie and a safe place to spend time are in risk of losing what they hold dear.  The JCC’s own Rabbi Hecht has begun a grassroots campaign in order to save the JCC.

Talon Air’s CEO, Adam Katz flew in to the Poughkeepsie JCC via Talon’s own Sikorsky 76 N591AK helicopter, landing right in their parking lot with the aim of spreading awareness to the JCC’s plight.  The community’s children gathered around, truly in awe of the incredible machine before them.  Mr. Katz took a tour of the JCC’s facilities, including their gym.  At a small press conference he said, “It should be the easiest thing to bring people together and cherish what they have”, and continued, “It’s like ‘if you build it they will come’.  It’s built.  Now they just have to come.”

The JCC aims to be a steadfast resource for the community and part of local living and raising a family. So far they’ve raised $375,000, but they still have a long way to go to hit their 6 month $1,000,000 goal to keep from going bankrupt.  You can go to Save the JCC  to make a tax-deductible donation today.

Talon Air supports community centers all across the nation and thanks you for your contribution!