Monday, June 17th, 2013

Talon; Single Source Owner and Operator

Talon; Single Source Owner and Operator

Talon Air’s ownership of the finest fleet of luxury aircraft enables them to be at the operational helm of its maintenance (for both safety and aesthetic purposes) and crew, including the highly experienced pilots they employ.  It is due to Talon’s ownership, rather than a reliance on brokers, that bring so many top-tier facets of the private jet experience to our clients worldwide.  From our ground crew to our pilots each is not only skilled at their appointed tasks but also committed to providing our clients with the finest customer service experience possible. 

Vertical Responsibility

The Talon workforce plans and oversees the execution of every detail of every private charter from flight and dispatch duties to performing aircraft repair and booking flights, hotels and car services for our clients often on short notice. 

Overflight Permits

We value our clients’ time. Our Overflight Permit access allows Talon Air to provide less costly, one-way flights straight from take-offs at Caribbean and South American airports to landing at preferred arrival destinations without the need to stop to clear customs en route.

Stable Pricing

Talon Air’s operator status provides consistent, crystal-clear and comprehensive all-inclusive pricing.

Guaranteed Availability

Talon’s ownership works very differently than a relationship with a broker would.  As an operator, a private jets’ schedule is known and available for review at any time of the day, week, month or year for clients who need to book at a moment’s notice.

Supreme Safety

Talon’s high standards and accountability has led to the highest safety ratings in the industry: ARG/US Platinum recognition, Wyvern Wingman status and IS-BAO Stage 2 Certification, further solidifying a genuine pledge to safety.

Owner/Operator Status

Brokers and other middle men do not maintain any control over the details that comprise a successful private charter flight; rather, they are only responsible for arranging the flight.  A broker may be anyone with an Internet connection, a phone and a website.  Therefore it is preferable to select a self-contained owner and operator with an earned reputation such as Talon Air over a broker who cannot effect changes or oversee the successful completion of your flight.

Talon Air as owner and operator of a fleet of private aircraft is known for our stellar client services and the highest safety standards, on the ground or in the air.  To find out how Talon Air can serve you, contact our customer care team today at 1-888-TALON-AIR or click “Get A Quote”.