Sikorsky 76 N591AK

Wifi Equipped Aircraft

The Sikorsky S76 is a spacious, twin-turbine helicopter with all the luxury amenities one would expect in an executive helicopter.  The Sikorsky S76 helicopter is also among the swiftest rotorcraft and a favorite of Fortune 500 companies.  With speedy performance, excellent safety features, ample fuel capacity and an advanced avionics suite, it is a highly impressive and sought after aircraft.

With seating for 6 and an external baggage compartment that can accommodate 4 golf bags and 4 suitcases, this is the ideal mode of transport for the time-conscious traveler. Talon Air operates the only Internet-equipped Sikorsky S76 in the Northeast. In addition, this helicopter features XM Radio, iPod docks, air conditioning, a multimedia disc player, Flight Phone, VIP interior cabin and full refreshment center with an ice drawer.

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