Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Proud Pilot, Leo Santos

Proud Pilot, Leo Santos

From a very young age, Leo Santos built scale model airplanes and read extensively about the fighter aces of World War II.  At the age of 12, he traveled for the first time from Manila to Bangkok and Singapore, and while in flight was invited to visit the flight deck of Singapore Airlines flight 64, a Boeing 727.  From that moment on, it has been Leo’s dream to fly professionally. 

Leo graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in Filmmaking, with the notion of making movies about flying, and soon after began glider lessons. Some years later, Leo trained at FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach, FL, after which he cut his teeth instructing and “making pilots”, and then became a pilot himself for a major regional airline company, flying the Embraer-145 jet. 

To date, Santos has logged over 7,700 flight hours, with over 3,000 of those in an instructor role.  As an FAA Gold Seal instructor, he has had the privilege of flying with numerous ex-military pilots and even a former astronaut. 

Santos pilots the Embraer Legacy and Hawker 4000 at Talon Air.  His favorite aircraft are the aforementioned, as well as the ASK-21 glider.  His favorite places to travel are Aspen, Colorado, London, UK and Côte d’Azur/Nice, France. 

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