Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Talon’s Proud Pilot, Hank Eppich

Talon’s Proud Pilot, Hank Eppich

With nearly 8,000 hours of total flight experience, Captain Hank Eppich is among the Talon elite.   Hank has been flying for more than twenty years, having first received flight lessons as a college graduation gift and in return for painting his parents house one summer.   His grandfather was a pilot for American Airlines – so Hank figures flying must be in his blood.  He studied aeronautical engineering and after college worked in that industry for a few years, but soon fell in love with all things aviation and decided to change career paths. “You can’t beat the view from my office”, Hank quips. 

He enjoys the people in aviation – from mechanics and pilots to office personnel and valued clients who appreciate the efforts he and his crew put in to creating a flight experience that smacks of perfection.  “It’s terrific to be a part of the team effort to provide a safe, efficient flight experience to our passengers, while striving to exceed expectations!

Hank places his trust in every single one of the steadfast and luxurious private jets that Talon Air has to offer, especially the Gulfstream IV, his primary airplane for both domestic and international flights.  “The airplanes at Talon are magnificent – I’m genuinely happy to fly any of them.  My favorite, of course, is the Gulfstream IV for the range and comfort.”

Outside of flying, Captain Eppich enjoys boating, so trips to the Caribbean (the British Virgin Islands in particular) always make him smile. 

Talon Air pilots are true officers of the sky; they are kind, professional and skilled members of the private jet industry.  Each and every Talon pilot is a full-time, non-union employee with ample private jet charter flight and customer care experience.  Their devotion to providing clients with the most secure and luxurious flight is unmatched. 

Contact our customer service team at 1-888-TALON-AIR or click “Get a Quote” and take to the skies with Hank or another one of our seasoned, attentive and friendly pilots today.