Talon Air Programs

Talon Air Charter

Allow Talon Air to assess your private jet needs and determine which aircraft is best suited for you and your passengers.

Talon Air Management

Talon Air offers multiple aircraft management services for both Part 135 and Part 91 aircraft management solutions. We are ready to maintain the operation of your aircraft and we offer you the opportunity to generate revenue by chartering your aircraft, thus defraying your cost of ownership. Aircraft…

Talon Air For Corporations

Partnering with Corporate Flight Departments and offering contract pricing and a diverse fleet of late-model private jets that do not require owner approval sets Talon Air apart from the competition…

Talon Air Maintenance

Our diversity allows us to work on many aircraft models, because of this we can provide services for all major inspections that may be due or coming due on your private aircraft…

Talon Air Empty Leg Flights

Private jet empty legs offer you the convenience and luxury of flying to your destination on a private jet at a significantly lower cost than most private jet charter flights. Talon Air allows you to take advantage of a great value and choose from one of our core aircraft or from…