Advance Your Business With Talon’s Air Charter Programs

Talon Air, Inc. has earned a justifiable reputation for anticipating, fulfilling and often exceeding our clients’ private jet charter requirements. It should not surprise then, that we have numerous air charter programs in addition to Talon Air Charter including: Talon Air Management, Talon Air for Corporations, Talon Air Maintenance and Talon Air Empty Leg Flights. Each of these Talon Air charter programs ensures that a key sector of our demographic is served. One or more may provide a solution to your air and corporate jet charter needs.

Talon Air Offers Efficient and Cost-Effective Corporate Jet Programs

  • Talon Air Management:We offer several Part 135 and Part 91 aircraft management solutions. Talon is available to maintain the safe operation of your aircraft and to offer the opportunity to generate revenue through our air charter programs by chartering your aircraft when not in personal use.  This defrays the cost of ownership and can also provide a great ROI.
  • Talon Air for Corporations: We are partnered with corporate flight departments to offer contract pricing and a diverse fleet of late model private jets.  Moreover our Farmingdale, NY headquarters is conveniently located on suburban Long Island where we can provide supplemental airlifts to corporate flight departments throughout the United States on very short notice. If you wish to charter our services for one trip, one person or a team, or to satisfy requirements for your corporate jet programs, please contact us for a quote.
  • Talon Air Maintenance: Talon’s diverse fleet requires a maintenance team that can expertly maintain and repair many aircraft models.  Our maintenance team can readily provide services for all major aircraft inspections that may be due on your private aircraft. As for repairs, Talon’s experts can repair steel metal and composite aircraft including damages. Our full-time aircraft engineers are ready to evaluate and advise the best repair options to have you and your craft airborne with minimal downtime. Talon Air Maintenance Services (TAMS) has a Mobile Repair Team who is dedicated to keeping your aircraft to optimal condition wherever it is hangered.  Our team can be dispatched anywhere around the globe for your private jet maintenance needs.
  • Private Jet Empty Leg Flights: Talon has created a “win-win” proposition with its private jet empty legs program. Some private air charters are one way.  When this occurs so does opportunity. Talon offers greatly discounted rates for clients who do not mind booking a prearranged flight.  Talon recoups some of the cost of flying the aircraft and related expenses and our clients reap the benefit of a discounted flight yet enjoy our legendary level of service.

Contact Talon today to learn if one of our many air charter programs is right for you.