Friday, May 24th, 2013

Talon Air’s Private Jet Safety Precautions

Talon Air’s Private Jet Safety Precautions

Safety is the number one concern for many airline passengers.  It’s also the number one concern for Talon Air.  Aside from the luxury, convenience, friendliness and excellence that we are known for, private jet safety rises to the top as the single most important factor in the way the company is run, the way clients are attended to and the stellar safety record that we hold. 

FAA regulations and inspections control and regulate our operations.  Our safety scores are tabulated by trusted firms and include benchmarks such as flying protocol and procedures to plane maintenance, pilot training and more.  Before and after each flight, a rigorous set of checklists ensure our planes are ready to fly again.  Our pilots are U.S. citizens with pristine records and medical certificates from the FAA and have met minimum training, have a FAA instrument rating and the right flight hour requirements to pilot our aircraft.

The age of a plane is a factor in private jet safety precautions.  As of now, the average age of our aircraft is three years, making our fleet young, mechanically sound and ready to provide maximum private jet safety for passengers.

We have our own vertically-integrated fleet and self-maintained facility where we manage and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards to provide the finest private jet safety in the entire industry.  Talon Air has full operational control:  Talon employees fly, dispatch and perform maintenance duties on Talon-owned aircraft.  We have a stake in the quality of the services and safeties provided and as such, are proud to meet the highest of standards regarding these most critical aspects of private jet safety.

The FAA and other leading safety organizations such as Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US Platinum perform annual audits and consistently award Talon Air the highest safety ratings for in-flight inspection, maintenance and safety standards, further solidifying our genuine commitment to safety.

Talon Air is a recognized industry leader.  To ask questions about private jet safety or if you’d like to book one of our private jets, please contact our customer service team today at 1-888-TALON-AIR or click “Get A Quote.