Experience Air Travel Convenience, Safety and Competitive Rates with Talon Private Jet Rentals

When luxury and convenience are promised, the utmost in luxury and convenience must be delivered. Talon Air has built our reputation on meeting and exceeding the exacting requirements of our select clientele when they rent a private jet from Talon. Those who rent a jet from Talon Air may expect exceptional service and a luxurious travel experience on one of our 25 private aircraft. Additional benefits include our personal concierge service, professional flight crew and safety-driven operation. Our commitment to client comfort, their satisfaction with our services and their safety is total. Nothing less will do.

Competitive Rental Rates for Talon Private Jet Rentals

Our private jet rental rates offer the maximum amount of luxury at highly competitive costs. This makes Talon Air’s private jet charters more accessible to your group, corporation or family than you may have realized. Consider Talon Air’s private jet rentals for your next business trip, family vacation or expedition to adventure and receive the highest standard of quality in the industry. Many who book air services for their family or employer may not be aware of the opportunity to rent a private jet, thinking that this commodity is beyond their means. Speak with us today to explore options you may not have considered. You have nothing to lose except long waits at the airport and crowded commercial flights!

Corporate Jet Rentals: Rent a Private Jet from Talon Air

Whether you are traveling locally or internationally, Talon Air strives to give you the best in corporate jet rentals so that you’ll arrive on time, every time. Our unparalleled corporate jet rentals have made Talon Air a staple of the private jet industry for over a decade. We are an industry leader in travel safety and our transparent pricing assures you will know exactly what your trip will cost upfront with absolutely no hidden fees and no surprises. Here is what you may expect when you rent a private jet from Talon Air:

Travel Safely

Talon Air prides itself on offering the safest flights in the industry. Our on-board and on the ground safety features include:

  • Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems II (TCAS II)
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS)
  • Paperless Flight Deck for digital flight precision
  • Real Time GPS
  • Real Time Weather Updates
  • Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) licensed mechanics

Transparent Pricing

For additional peace of mind, every Talon Air’s flight features transparent pricing. There are no upgrade or downgrade fees. You are free to upgrade and downgrade within the Talon Air fleet based on the scope of each trip i.e. use of our King Air B200 for trips to Nantucket, use of our Hawker 800XPI for trips to Florida, use of our Hawker 4000 for trips to California and use of our Gulfstream IV-SP for trips to Europe. You simply pay the difference in the all-inclusive hourly rate.

For those concerned about the difficulties involved in arranging business or family trips for large groups on commercial flights, consider the option to rent a jet from Talon Air instead. We offer discounts for empty leg flights among other opportunities to save. Consult us today to explore private jet charter opportunities for you and your group!