Private Jet Empty Legs

Talon Air’s private jet empty legs offer you the convenience and luxury of flying to your destination on a private jet with a significantly lower cost than most private jet charter flights. We allow all clients to take advantage of this great value from one of our private jet empty leg listings (Part 135 Operated, ARG/US rated and WYVERN approved).

What Is An Empty Leg?

The concept is very simple. There are times when our company will fly clients to a destination for a one-way trip. Rather than returning from the destination without any passengers, Talon Air offers a deeply discounted rate for passengers who do not mind booking a prearranged flight.

Why Do We Do This?

Offering private jet empty legs flights allows our company to recoup some of the cost of flying the aircraft and paying for related expenses. Because we are already scheduled to fly, you will pay much less for traveling through one of these pre-arranged flights, while still experiencing the sophistication and luxury of the aircraft.

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Join our Private Jet Empty Legs Email List and take advantage of our discounted pricing for empty leg flights. You will still receive the same standard of VIP services from our staff and in-flight crew and you can even take advantage of multiple private jet empty leg flights if it suits your travel plans.

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