Talon Air has been renowned for over a decade for our superior customer service and for paying minute attention to every important detail for every client flight. Many who have been flying with us for years know that we also offer sound value when booking and provide the most cost-effective private jet charter rates available.

By booking your luxury air travel services through Talon Air you will eliminate the middleman, or jet charter rate broker. When you call to learn more about or to reserve your private air travel experience you will speak directly with one of our company representatives, not a third-party vendor. This ensures you will receive not only attentive and well-informed service, but also be charged the lowest rate possible.

How Are Private Jet Charter Rates Calculated?

What factors does Talon Air consider when configuring your private jet charter rates? There are corporate-controlled fees, such as crew salaries and aircraft maintenance, however the complete private jet charter flight rate is comprised of overhead such as landing fees, federal excise taxes, ramp and handling fees and fuel surcharges, which are not determined by Talon Air. Be assured that Talon Air is completely transparent regarding our all-inclusive services. Every private jet charter rate quoted is accurate, notice of applicable fees are provided upfront, and are never invoiced higher than quoted.

How Do Talon Air Clients Save on Private Jet Charter Rates?

There are many ways Talon clients choose to pare down costs. The most widely utilized are by flying during the middle of the week, dividing the fee between a greater number of passengers, or by choosing smaller airports with smaller fees. Additional options include travelling in the opposite flow of air traffic and being flexible with departure and arrival dates. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure that your flight not only meets your requirements but is also as cost effective as possible. Call us today to plan your next private jet charter: 1-800-Talon Air.