What Can One Expect From a Private Jet Charter With Talon Air?

You may be aware that Talon Air can prepare private jet charters, provide car service, gourmet in-flight catering and an on-call concierge for travel arrangements all in three hours notice.  These services are a few of the many benefits to appreciate when booking a private jet charter with Talon Air.

What Goes Into Private Jet Charter Rates?

Apart from crew salaries and aircraft upkeep, the complete cost of a private jet charter flight is comprised of overheads such as landing fees, federal excise taxes, ramp and handling fees and fuel surcharges.  Talon Air is utterly transparent when it comes to its all-inclusive services.  Each private jet charter’s accurate, applicable fees are provided upfront and are never invoiced higher than quoted.

There are many ways Talon clients choose to pare down costs; among them are flying during the middle of the week, splitting the cost between a greater number of passengers, choosing smaller airports with smaller fees, going in the opposite flow of air traffic and being flexible with departure and arrival dates.

What Defines Talon Air’s Commitment to Safety?

Before and after each flight, a painstaking set of checklists ensure planes are ready to fly again.  All Talon pilots are U.S. citizens with immaculate flight records and medical certificates from the FAA.  The age of a plane is also a factor in private jet safety precautions.  Currently, the average age of Talon’s young, mechanically sound fleet is just three years.

Accountability plays a larger role in safety than most might imagine.  Talon has a vertically-integrated fleet and self-maintained facility where the highest standards are upheld.  Full operational control means Talon employees fly, dispatch and perform maintenance duties on Talon-owned aircraft.  This self-owned stake in the quality of the services and safeties provided is an invaluable characteristic.

The FAA and other leading safety organizations such as Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US Platinum perform annual audits and consistently award Talon Air the highest safety ratings for in-flight inspection, maintenance and safety standards.

What Goes Into Private Jet Maintenance?

Talon Air’s crew is an authority in the area of avionics repair, including aircraft communications, navigation, collision-avoidance, weather, monitoring, aircraft management, and flight control and recording systems.  Overhauls, instrument and component services with advanced troubleshooting and repair and upgrades (including cabin management systems) ensure that every Talon aircraft is on the top of its game for every single flight.

Booking Your Private Jet Charter Flight

Talon Air’s commitment to providing clients with a safe and enjoyable travel experience unlike any other is what makes this well-oiled luxury aviation machine operate with such incredible efficiency, and with such unquestionably positive results.  Contact a Talon Air representative to book your private jet charter flight today by calling 1-888-TALON-AIR, or click “Get a Quote”.