A private jet may be owned, managed and operated by either an individual, a flight department, as part of a fractional ownership agreement, or by a charter company.  Operators may also employ the use of aircraft such as helicopters and turboprop planes.  Heavy jets, large-cabin jets, super mid-size jets, mid-size jets, light jets, and very light jets comprise the various sizes and types of private jets.  Private jets are meant to provide passengers with comfort, flexibility, and luxury.  Many modern private jets offer enclosed lavatories, satellite television, Internet connectivity, and private areas.  The use of these aircrafts is often enjoyed by individuals who demand luxury and wish to travel at their convenience for business and/or pleasure.    

Talon Air owns a diverse fleet of private jets, helicopters and turbo prop private aircraft.   Talon’s fleet includes 19 private jets and 8 other aircraft.