Proud Pilots

Service in the Sky: Talon Air’s Private Jet Pilots

Personal attention is a quality that most seek from a service provider. At Talon Air, Inc. providing personal attention is our calling. Every Talon Air staff member is aware that we are in the customer service business. This belief extends from our phone representatives to our ground crews and most importantly to our flight attendants and pilots. When you fly with Talon, your needs and your safety in-flight are our highest concerns.

Here’s Why Talon Air’s Private Jet Pilots are a Breed Apart:

  • Talon Air’s private jet pilots are full-time employees who are highly experienced in the cockpit as well as to ensuring our clients’ have a seamless, issue-free flight.
  • As part of Talon’s commitment to our clientele every pilot undergoes meticulous internal testing as well as semi-annual flight simulator training. These staff requirements ensure that every private or corporate jet pilot at Talon Air has been held to Talon’s discriminating professional standards as well as to industry requirements.
  • Additionally Talon Air is IS-BAO Stall II certified and holds the highest safety rating of ARG/US Platinum.
  • Talon Air, Inc. is also a member of the Wyvern Wingman Alliance, a global leader in aviation safety auditing, consulting and information services. This prestigious alliance further demonstrates Talon Air’s commitment to providing safety and quality assurance to our passengers.

Private and Corporate Jet Pilots When You Require Them

Whether you fly for business or for personal enjoyment, consistency is important. With Talon Air you may request the same pilot and crew whenever you fly. Now you can have the continuity and professional flight crew you expect whenever you fly with Talon Air all without booking fees or unnecessary surcharges or processing fees. If your company is seeking a corporate jet pilot, Talon Air has a program to suit your individual business’ requirements. If you are seeking a flexible private jet charter service that does not stint on its high standards for quality, service and safety, contact Talon Air today. We have the most seasoned pilots, advanced avionics and attention to detail in the industry.