Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Overflight Permits To Keep You Under Schedule

A vital tent pole of Talon Air and their premium private jet charter is absolute convenience.  One of the many ways this is achieved is with their exclusive overflight permit.

What is an Overflight Permit?

When flying from the Caribbean, Mexico, South America or other foreign countries into the United States, a private jet charter must clear customs at the first possible point of landfall before continuing on to its destination.  This involves landing, clearing customs and then taking to the skies again.  In other words, it’s not a non-stop flight.

An overflight permit is an exemption to this rule, allowing the aircraft to overfly the border and go directly to its destination without having to make an extra stop to provide paperwork or other means for trip approval.

How Do Overflight Permits Benefit The Talon Air Experience?

Only select operators have access to overflight permits.  In fact, brokers don’t have access to these permits at all.  The lack of an overflight permit increases the cost of the trip due to overflight fees that are incurred by the Federal Aviation Administration.  Since Talon has access to these, there is no need to pass on any extra fees to our valued clients.  Talon Air is able to provide one-way flights straight from take off to landing at the preferred arrival destination without the need to stop en route.

Get Started with Talon Air

Having our passengers and aircraft on an overflight permit is just one of the ways we add true expediency and added convenience to your flight experience with us.  At Talon Air we bring luxury to air travel with a customized travel experience to create the safest, most efficient and leisurely way to fly.

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