One Way Charter Flights

One-way charter flights may be offered at a significant discount due to an aircraft being utilized to schedule multiple pickups from one destination to the next, eventually returning to base as part of the schedule.

Save Money

One-way charter flights allow clients to save money on daily minimums. Talon Air allows all clients to take advantage of one-way charter flights in order to save substantial costs while receiving the same amount of VIP service, comfort and value as standard rates.

Choose From Our Diverse Fleet

While one-way charter flights are prescheduled, you still have the option to choose from our diverse fleet of heavy, super midsize, light and turbo propjets.

When Are One-Way Charter Flights Scheduled?

One-way charter flights are scheduled to leave and arrive at specific destinations. Generally, a passenger can utilize one-way charter flights through typical routes to major cities or destinations. One-way charter flights are similar to an empty-leg flight and can fit well within your budget while accommodating your needs. Travel in luxury and comfort with in-flight catering designed by Martha Stewart and full amenities at a considerable discount.

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