On-Demand Charter

Business meetings can take place at a moment’s notice. At Talon Air, we understand that you have a need for an on-demand charter flight with short notice. We can have a luxury aircraft charter, internationally experienced pilots and a customer service driven flight attendant waiting for you with as little as 3 hours notice.

Our Promise

Talon Air always adheres to the highest standards of safety, service, and quality to ensure that your flight is comfortable and on time. We operate around the globe on a 24/7 schedule to guarantee that our ARG/US Platinum fleet is ready for any trip request.

Charter Options

Clients have the choice of utilizing Talon aircraft on a trip-by-trip basis or through a Block Time Agreement. We also offer the Talon SkyCard, which caters to the interest of any client by customizing every jet charter experience to fit their specific needs. We allow all clients the flexibility to choose from any aircraft charter in our vertically integrated fleet through wholesale pricing. We also offer one-way pricing for every private jet charter flight.

Whether you need round trip, on-demand charter services, or a one-way charter flight, Talon Air is here for you. Please contact Talon Air today to request a quote for any of our travel options throughout the world at 1-631-753-8881.