The National Airspace System (NAS) is the network of airspace, navigational services, facilities and equipment covering the United States.  It is one of the most complex and far-reaching aviation systems in the world and is comprised of thousands of personnel, procedures, facilities, and pieces of equipment.  These resources enable both safe and swift air travel in the continental Unites States, as well as over a large portion of the world’s oceans.  More than 41,000 National Airspace System operation facilities, 24,800 employees and 71,000 pieces of equipment make it possible for an average of 50,000 flights to successfully arrive and depart each day.  NAS airspace consists of both controlled and uncontrolled areas that are categorized in classes going from A-G.  Class A is controlled and extends from 18,000 feet mean sea level (MSL) up to 60,000 feet.  Class G is uncontrolled and extends from the earth’s surface to 1,200 feet altitude above ground level (AGL).

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