Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Talon Air Pilot Profile: Marcelo Fabian Nieto

Talon Air Pilot Profile: Marcelo Fabian Nieto

Talon’s Proud Pilot, Marcelo Fabian Nieto loves teaching, flying to South America and Italy and the Hawker 4000 Talon aircraft.  He was born in Quito, Ecuador in close proximity to its International Airport.  The constant influence of airplanes soaring overhead sparked his interest in aviation.  This began as a model airplane hobby, transitioning into Marcelo assuming the role of a hang glider pilot at the age of 16, then finally maturing into private pilot training just 3 months after. 

The fact that Quito resides high in the mountains (9,226 feet above sea level) demanded special flight training.  Because of this, Marcelo decided to travel to the United States of America to seek the best aviation training money could buy and found American Flyers in Islip, Long Island, New York.  This was not far from his sister’s house, where he lived during his training.  Marcelo engaged in the two-pronged task of learning the English language as he mastered his aviation skills and after several years of schooling, became a professional pilot.

Marcelo obtained a Flight Instructor rating which he used in order to build more experience and his total flight time as well (which currently stands at an incredible 22,000+ flight hours.)  In 1988, Marcelo married and started a family.  Later he received the opportunity to work flying a Hawker 700, which was owned by the wealthiest person in Ecuador.  The job was based in New York and though it traveled mainly back and forth to South America, it also afforded Marcelo the opportunity to fly all over the world.  As his time away from home increased, it became a greater and greater strain on the wellbeing of Marcelo and his family, especially since he had been blessed with the birth of twin children during this time.  Marcelo decided to stop flying internationally and bought a small Cessna in order to provide training (he has logged over 6,000 training hours) and to stay locally allowing for more quality time with his family.

After his children were grown, he decided to go back to flying larger aircraft.  Since then, Marcelo has been flying sophisticated airplanes for charter and management companies all around the globe (including Talon Air), taking care of their high profile clients with great success.

As true officers of the skies, Talon Air pilots are the most accommodating, qualified and courteous in the entire private jet industry.  These full-time, non-union employees have not only far-reaching private jet charter flight experience on their resumes, but also an intimate understanding of the importance in providing the highest levels of customer service.  Their dedication to providing the most secure and comfortable journey is second to none.