Long Island Private Jet Charter

Talon Air is Long Island’s largest private jet owner and operator. Talon Air has been in business for over a decade, offering private jet services to businesses, individuals and celebrities. Our company holds the highest regard to safety and luxury in order to deliver excellent customer service through all of your travel needs.

Our Fleet

Talon Air offers a diverse fleet of over 25 private aircraft in order to deliver the best choice of all Long Island private jet companies. Our in-house factory trained technicians maintain our fleet of heavy jets, super-midsize jets, midsize jets, light jets and turbo props. Choose the appropriate aircraft that best fits the scope of each and every mission.


Our company is dedicated to offering you the most detailed customer service in the industry. Whether you need transportation to our Long Island location or services at your destination, our ARG/US award winning team can make the appropriate accommodations.

Republic Airport

As the premier Long Island jet charter service, we offer free positioning to airports that are within a 50-nm radius of Republic Airport. Talon Air is Long Island’s leading turboprop and helicopter charter company, delivering on-demand service to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and the Hamptons. Our Long Island base also features the largest fleet of state of the art midsize, super midsize and heavy private jets for domestic and international travel.

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