Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

London Olympics

London Olympics

The highly anticipated 2012 London Olympics are set to begin on July 27th.  Heathrow, the closest major airport, is already preparing for the estimated multi- million visitors passing through to watch their countrymen and women compete in the games. 

The exponential increase in demand for services throughout London and the congestion surrounding area will make standard commercial travel and accommodation strained at best.  Talon Air Inc.’s discriminating clientele will have the peace of mind that their trip will be planned and executed seamlessly and without issue.

Talon Air, the owner of the largest private jet fleet in the Northeast US, is offering private flights and concierge services to the 2012 London Olympics.  Their clients will travel in the utmost comfort and style with every need anticipated and expectations exceeded.

Talon Air’s fleet of heavy and super-midsize jets are fully equipped for intercontinental travel, offering clients the safest flights featuring wanted amenities. Choose from Talon Air’s Gulfstream, Challenger, Embraer or Hawker jets for non-stop flights in and out of London during the games.

Returning clients value and appreciate Talon’s superb concierge services:  When overtaxed commercial airports are struggling to process throngs of travelers, Talon Air clients will disembark from private jet charters  and speed through customs.  A private car will be waiting to take them to their hotel, where the check-in process, too, will be swift. Talon Air takes justifiable pride in providing the utmost in quality and service to its clientele.

Talon’s heavy jets can accommodate up to 14 passengers and offers panoramic views, a full service galley and in-flight accessible baggage compartments. All heavy jets are equipped with Wi-Fi Internet access and oversized TV monitors. Contact Talon Air today to reserve your private jet charter and all ground accommodations to the 2012 London Olympics.