Air Charter
The act of renting or leasing aircraft for the purpose of transporting cargo or passengers.
Air Charter Operator
Is responsible for the licensing,maintenance, safety and operations of the air charter company. The air charter operator is not always the owner of the luxury jet, business jet or private jet that is available for charter.
Aircraft Positioning
Occurs when an aircraft chosen for charter is not currently at the departure origin for the charter jet trip.
Airway Distance
The area of control established by the airport authority; the area that a particular airport controls navigational and radio control.
Approach light system
Visual guidance to landing aircraft by radiating light beams in directional patterns
(Aviation Research Group) An independent firm that reports and rates charter aviation operators. Talon Air, Inc. holds the highest rating of ARG/US Platinum. http://www.talonairjets.com/affiliations 
Block Rates
Pre-paid hours on an aircraft purchased from a charter operator at a set rate. Talon customizes each Block Agreement to our clients needs.
Business Jet Charter
A private jet chartered by a company or executive for use on a business related trip.
The right to operate within the domestic boarders of a country. Most countries limit operations within their boarders to domestic carriers as a form of protectionism.
Carbon Credit
As reported by Wikipedia, Carbon credits are a key component of national and international emissions trading schemes. They provide a way to reduce greenhouse effect emissions on an industrial scale by capping total annual emissions and letting the market assign a monetary value to any shortfall through trading. Credits can be exchanged between businesses or bought and sold in international markets at the prevailing market price. Credits can be used to finance carbon reduction schemes between trading partners and around the world.
Cardinal Altitude
Thousand foot flight levels or altitudes
Cargo Airliner
Aircraft used to transport large amounts of goods and products and not certified for passenger loads.
Cruising altitude
A level altitude maintained by an aircraft while in flight.
Dead Head
Term used for a leg of a trip that is transporting no passengers or cargo (empty leg). This is usually the return from dropping or the departure to a pickup. 
Department of Defense Flight Information Publications; used for flight planning
Double Round Trip
Occurs when an air charter itinerary is designed such that it is more costly to keep the plane away from base than it would be to return home empty the report for pick up to complete the air charter itinerary.
Dual Certificate
Is held by an air charter operator that publishes a schedule and provides non-scheduled air charter service.
Duty Time
The portion of the day when a crew member is on duty in any capacity (not just in-flight). This can be a constraint on long day-trips as there are FAA-imposed limits on the amount time allowed on duty.
Empty Leg
A segment of a round trip that is scheduled to be flown with no passengers. Typically these legs can be chartered for a significant discount.
Executive Jet Charter
Is an aircraft that is chartered for the purpose or use in the transportation of executives. Typically the private aircraft that are chartered are midsize jets. Talon Air caters to Executive Air Charter and Executive Jet Charter
FAA Part 121
Certificate required for an operator to published scheduled trips for charter.
FAA Part 135
Certificate required for a charter provider to operate as a non scheduled air carrier.
Fixed Base Operator. Represents a large majority of the air charter industry. By definition at a permanent location, this is a vendor of services,maintenance , fuel, flight instruction, and aircraft sales, in addition to charter.
Fractional Ownership
Partial ownership of an aircraft, similar to a time-share in real-estate. Several people own a percentage of an aircraft and divide the fixed costs and hours accordingly.
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Satellite positioning, velocity and time system. Highly accurate navigation aid.
Ground Speed
The speed of an aircraft relative to the surface of the earth.
Ground transportation
A service provided for luxury jet charters before or after the flight. Ground transportation can be limo service or luxury car rental.
Heavy Jet
An aircraft with a minimum takeoff weight of 255,000 lbs.
A rotor driven aircraft that uses vertical axes with pitched blades to generate lift and stability.
A helipad is used for takeoffs, landings and occasionally for parking of helicopters.
The area of land or water used for the landings and takeoffs of helicopters; the buildings, structures and grounds.
(International Air Transport Association) codes are used by airlines for reservations, ticketing and baggage checking. These codes consist of exactly three letters. They are (usually) easily interpreted.
International Civil Aviation Organization airport
Location indicator is a four-letter alphanumeric code designating each airport around the world. These codes are defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization,
Instrument Meteorological conditions
Conditions such as visibility, distance between clouds, ceiling level that does not meet the standard for visual meteorological conditions.
IS-BAO was developed by the industry for the benefit of the industry. It is a code of best practices designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve a high level of safety and professionalism..
Jet Charter
Is the act of hiring crew; leasing an aircraft for the purpose of private air transportation.
Jet Charter Broker
Is one who facilitates the leasing or purchasing of air charter. A Jet Charter Broker is different from an Air Charter Agent as he does not act on behalf of either the end user of the chartered aircraft or on behalf of the charter operator. A Jet Charter Broker acts as the middleman in acquiring a charter flight for their client.
Jet Stream
High altitude, High Speed winds that in the United States blow from west to east.
Lateral Separation
The spacing of aircraft traffic on the same lateral plain or altitude.
A single direction of travel between two points. For an air charter itinerary a leg could be represented by repositioning and fuel stops.
Light Jet
An aircraft with a certified takeoff weight of 41,000 lbs or less.
Local Airport Advisory
A service that provides information such as wind direction and speed, favored runway pertinent know traffic airport taxi routes and authorized approach procedures to pilots of arriving or departing aircraft.
Longitudinal Separation
Is the longitudinal spacing of aircrafts traveling on at the same altitude. The distance is expressed either as time or miles.
Mach Speed
Is the ratio of ones true airspeed to the speed of sound.
Is an international distress signal, repeat MAYDAY to indicate an imminent and grave danger that request assistance.
Strong localized winds capable of doing damage. Winds have been known to reach up to 150 knots.
Mid Size Jet
An Aircraft with a certified takeoff weight ranging between 41,000 lbs. to 255,000 lbs. Talon Air offers three executive mid sized private jets.
National Airspace System
Is the network of airspace, navigational services facilities and equipment.
Navigation aids that give visual reference to the ground; they are used as a reference point in establishing and maintaining the position of an aircraft that is awaiting further clearance form air traffic control other wise known as “in holding”.
Is known to be the process of recording, planning and controlling the movement of an aircraft or vehicle from one point to another.
National Business Aviation Association
Oceanic Airspace
Is considered international airspace, it is the airspace over the oceans that is subject to ICAO procedures and regulations.
On Demand Charter
Charter of an aircraft for a one-off trip requiring no contract or ownership. Talon Air offers on-demand charter as well as custom block time agreements.
Charter of an aircraft for part of an existing itinerary already scheduled.

International signal for urgency. Pan Pan indicates uncertainty and is usually followed by the nature of the alert.
Pilot in Command
Is the pilot that is responsible for safety and operations of the aircraft during flight.
Private Airport
An airport used by general and private aviation but is not accessible by scheduled airline travel. Talon Air is headquartered at Republic Airport (FRG) in Farmingdale, NY.
Private Jet
A jet owned by an individual or corporation which is used solely upon their discretion. Talon Air owns a diverse fleet of private jets, helicopters and turbo prop private aircraft.
Private Jet Charter
Is an aircraft charter for private use. Typically private jet charters are the most economical form of air charter. A private jet charter is intended to serve the needs of the client but does not seek to go above and beyond in luxury and accommodations.
Radar flight following
Is said to be the observation of a radar identified aircraft, this is done when the primary navigation of the aircraft is done by the pilot.
Repositioning Time
The travel time for a chartered aircraft from its base to the pickup
Affirmation of receipt of last transmission.
Runway Heading
Magnetic direction corresponding to the centerline of the runway.
An advisory issued in times of severe weather that is significant to the safety of ALL aircraft.
Speed of Sound
The speed of sound is equal to 769 mph.
Stage length
Is the distance of the air charter client’s itinerary.
Standard Rate Turn
Super Mid Size Jet
A midsize aircraft with a takeoff weight close to 255,000 lbs. Talon Air offers 5 brand new Hawker 4000 super mid sized private jets.
Winds that are more than 90 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the runway.
Taxi time
Is the time the charter aircraft is in transit to the runway up to the point of take off.
Third party Verification
Refers to the verification of safety, maintenance and operations by an independent auditor. There are three main companies that fill this role for air charter; they are WYVERN, ARG/US and Q-Star.
Determines visibility by measuring the transmission of light through the atmosphere
True Air speed
Takes wind out of the picture. True air speed is the speed of an aircraft relative to undisturbed air.
Turboprop Aircraft
An aircraft with a jet engine powering a turbine and propeller. Talon Air offers two executive turbo props for air charter.
Navigational radar guidance heading that is issued to and aircraft
Vertical Separation
The vertical separation of aircraft.
Very Light Jet
The smallest class of jet powered aircraft with a certified takeoff weight of less than 10,000 lbs. Some very light jets are approved for single pilot operation.
Visual Meteorological Conditions
Conditions such as visibility, distance between clouds and a ceiling that is equal to or better than the specified minimums.
Wait Time
Is the time the aircraft is waiting on the tarmac for the departure of its next leg of the air charter itinerary.
Predetermined geographical position defined relative to other navigational aids.
A private company that issues reports and ratings for business and private jet operators. Talon Air, Inc. holds the highest rating of Wyvern Wingman.