Monday, December 3rd, 2012

The History of Luxury Air Travel

The History of Luxury Air Travel

Before the mid-1920s, flying was a somewhat risky and not very commonplace endeavor.  As the roaring 20s were nearing their end the real development of the airline industry was just beginning.  Air travel became a luxurious way to travel places for the rich and famous with deluxe accommodations, roomy aisles, doting flight attendants and gourmet meals.  Guests even used to dress up for flights.  By the end of the 1960s the flying experience had lost some of its appeal and mystique, with delays and crowding caused by the increasing accessibility of air travel.  By the late 70s air travel became even more economically viable for the masses, increasing air traffic, fare slashing and competition between airlines and ushering in a new era of diminished prestige for the art of luxury flight service.

Leisurely air travel hadn’t died, it had just evolved.  From 1976-2003 the Concorde turbojet demonstrated luxury in the skies at blistering speeds, flying across the Atlantic in 3.5 hours many times during its career.  It was capable of cruising speeds of Mach 2.04 and a range of 3,900 nautical miles.  Like the Concorde, Talon Air’s Gulfstream V private jet has the capability of achieving high speeds and crossing great distances.  It has a cruising speed of Mach 0.85 and a range of 6,500 nautical miles.  But more than its impressive specifications, it provides the ultimate in modern accommodations and comfort, presenting clients with a lavish, time saving and effortless way to travel.  It boasts one of the largest cabins in its class allowing up to fourteen passengers to work, socialize or sleep with maximum comfort.  It’s equipped with broadband internet connectivity, a full service galley, power outlets, a conference table that converts into a double bed and a personal Talon Air flight attendant to ensure traveler comfort and safety.  Talon’s private charter flights also offer a gourmet in-flight menu created by Martha Stewart.

Today, with improved technology, greater globalization and increased affordability, most air travel is anything but luxurious as vacationers and business travelers alike are subject to tight security regulations, cramped seating and the perennial punch line that is airline food.  For the most part, there is no aura of mystery left to air travel as personalized attention, convenience and even the wellbeing of passengers are often neglected to meet the high-volume demands of the industry. 

The Red Bull DC-6B is a great example of a modern resurrection of the type of luxury jet that wasn’t so uncommon many years ago.  Refurbished by co-founder of Red Bull Dietrich Mateschitz, this airborne vehicle gleams with perfection and class much like Talon Air’s fleet, allowing clientele to take advantage of luxury air travel without reinventing the wheel. 

Class and convenience in the airline industry is rare, but not extinct.  Talon Air’s concierge service helps customers schedule their travel and make trip arrangements before, during or after their flight.  The knowledgeable, customer service oriented pilots of Talon Air are the most professional in the private jet industry, rigorously trained with extensive private charter flight experience and ready to offer the familiarity and comfort of seeing the same friendly face on every trip. Talon Air is a leader in safety in the private jet industry having been recognized by the Aviation Research Group (ARG/US) for the “best in flight standards” and has brought luxury back to air travel in a meaningful way with a tailored experience for each client to create the safest, most efficient and leisurely way to fly.

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