Premium Helicopter Charter Services in New York

The first choice for New York helicopter charter services and flights is Talon Air. Talon’s premier helicopter charter services offer luxury and dependability for NYC and the surrounding areas. Because we serve a discerning client base, Talon understands the need for helicopter charter flights at a moment’s notice. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, Talon Air offers competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

Talon’s Skilled Pilots

Unlike other New York helicopter charter services, Talon Air employs full-time, seasoned pilots. Talon’s skilled pilots have years of experience and thousands of hours of flight time in the helicopter you’ve chosen, so you can enjoy peace of mind. We want our clients to feel comfortable in the air, so, each time you fly helicopter charter services with Talon, it’s likely you’ll see a familiar tail number and a recognizable face behind the controls.

Luxurious Aircraft

Our exclusive helicopters are designed to provide our clients the luxury they expect and deserve. Talon Air offers a fully equipped Sikorsky S76 executive helicopter and coming soon, a Bell 407. The Sikorsky S76 is a six passenger helicopter that boasts a new interior and Wi-Fi, so you can enjoy a well-appointed, comfortable flight. Enjoy the option to be productive or simply relax and unwind until you arrive at your destination.

Swift Services

Arrive at meetings quickly and easily with Talon Air’s helicopter charter services. We use the East 34th Street, the West 30th Street and the Wall Street heliports. Flight time is an average of 30 minutes each way from New York City to the Hamptons. Our helicopters also have permission to land at area raceways and golf courses, so you can arrive in style, conveniently at your venue.

Skip the Traffic

When traveling for business, use Talon Air’s New York helicopter charter services to avoid the stress and hassle of traffic. Make a big impression and travel to meetings in style, class and comfort. You’ll arrive on time, as Talon has access to heliports all across New York and the Northeast.

For pleasure, use our helicopter charter services to travel to your favorite summer hotspots, casinos,  golf courses or other destinations. You’ll have more time to take care of important business or enjoy the day with family.

Contact Talon Air today for a quote for New York helicopter charter services or call 1-888-Talon-Air to learn more.