Talon Air Fleet

Private Jet Fleet

For those who demand the best, Talon Air is the ultimate choice in private jet travel. Our diverse fleet provides our discriminating clientele with an aircraft selection that precisely meets their individual requirements. This enhances our value as the largest private jet charter operator in the Northeast. Our private jet fleet encompasses a vertically integrated grouping of helicopters, turbo-prop, and light, mid, super-mid, heavy and ultra-long-range private jets. Talon clients needs vary and our fleet and concierge services are ready to fulfill them. We are equipped to provide a private aircraft suitable for any travel itinerary on a moment's notice.

Talon’s Diverse Fleet Includes:

  • Heavy Jets: The top of the line choice in executive aircraft and our private jet fleet. Heavy jets provide our clients with ample cabin space and attractive, modern amenities with ultra long-range capabilities. Depending on the aircraft and distance traveled, this jet class will carry up to 19 passengers and can travel farther than smaller jets.
  • Super Midsize Jets: An ideal choice in our private jet fleet for country-spanning or international flights. Also known as super-medium jets, these aircraft are amply-equipped and have roomy cabins. Specific aircraft and distance travelled will influence the number of passengers. (Maximum distance requirements dictate fewer passengers.) Typically this class will comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers.
  • Midsize Jets: Also known as medium jets, this aircraft is the most versatile size in Talon’s private jet fleet. They are perfect for a quick flight from New York City to Fort Lauderdale, Seattle to San Francisco, or Boston to Chicago. The seating capacity for a typical midsize jet will graciously accommodate up to 9 passengers (be aware that maximum distance requirements dictate fewer passengers) with roomier, stand-up cabins and luxurious amenities.
  • Light Jets: Ideal for short to mid-range trips, this type of aircraft will travel farther and faster than non-jet aircraft such as turbo props and present a smoother ride and quieter engine than most other jets in our private jet fleet. It has seating for an average of 5-8 passengers.
  • Turbo Props: Ideal for short to mid-range flights of around 2-4 hours and, depending on the aircraft selected, 4-9 passengers, turbo props also feature efficient twin propellers and light ramps. They may also have pressurized cabins, semi-enclosed lavatories, and interior baggage holds.
  • Helicopters: Helicopters vertical take-offs and landings enable travel to the most remote areas or those where standard aircraft cannot venture. This makes Talon’s helicopters the most flexible and versatile aircraft for short distance flights as well as the most flexible aircraft in our private jet fleet. Talon’s Sikorsky 76 will accommodate 4-6 passengers and is ideal for executive travelers to travel quickly in comfort and style.

Whichever craft you choose from our private air fleet, the experience of flying with Talon Air is unparalleled for safety, comfort and convenience. Our staff is available 24/7/365 to serve our clients and to fulfill every in-flight and on the ground requirement throughout their trip.