Turbo Props

Turbo prop aircraft are powered by reliable gas turbine engines that allow them to fly at higher altitudes, provide enhanced performance on shorter runways which enables access to airports with short runways, and better fuel economy. Ideal for short to mid-range flights of around 2-4 hours, turbo props also feature efficient twin propellers and light ramps. They may also have pressurized cabins, semi-enclosed lavatories, and interior baggage holds.

Turbo prop planes typically cruise around 300 mph, and have an average non-stop range of 1,000 miles. Turbo prop aircraft are known for combining low-cost piston plane economy with some of the performance and cabin comforts of light jets. Turbo props can travel farther, faster, and with more comforts than piston aircraft. This lends to a lower running cost for savings that are passed on to the passenger.

Talon’s single-engine Cessna Caravan features comfortable leather seating, an eye-catching wooden trim, and on-board room for over a dozen pieces of luggage. The King Air 350i is one of the best-equipped turbo props ever made. It has a bevy of wonderful features including waterfall headrests, custom lighting adjustments, plug-and-play access for electronic devices, a high-definition television, attractive wooden fixtures, porthole-style windows, a refreshment center, and a private lavatory.

Please phone our thoughtful concierge service for a ride on one of our luxurious turbo props by dialing (888) TALON-AIR (631-753-8881) or customize your charter by clicking Get a Quote.