Super-Midsize Jets

Super Midsize Jets

Transporting clients to a championship game, or your corporate team to a key negotiation, trust Talon Air to provide precisely the aircraft your trip requires, fully-equipped with every amenity your expedition mandates. Private super midsize jets offer a larger seating capacity and more spacious cabins than midsize jets- ideal for in-flight conferences or last minute proposal tweaking. They also offer a highly select group of features that are usually reserved for heavy jets: business communications hubs, a divan, galleys, meeting areas, entertainment centers, -every personal requirement to enable proficient use of your time in-flight. Super midsize jets effectively blend the efficiency of a midsize aircraft with the range and speed for which heavy jets are known, making them the ideal choice for country-spanning or international flights.

Super midsize jets are also known as super-medium jets. They offer maximum efficiency through highly developed technology and design with the added benefit of less expensive running costs. Talon passes these savings directly to our clients. Super midsize jets provide more space and fuel capacity than midsize jets with a cruising speed of approximately 490-590 mph and a non-stop range of 3,400-3,600 miles. With an amply-equipped and roomy cabin, these aircraft can comfortably hold up to 10 passengers (depending on the specific aircraft and distance traveled). Super midsize jets also have the capability of flying as high as a stratospheric 46,000 feet, which can help them avoid both commercial traffic and inclement weather. Arrive refreshed and ready for your next venture when you book your private air charter flight with Talon Air.

Talon Air’s Fleet of Super Midsize Jets Includes:

HAWKER 4000 N860AP
HAWKER 4000 N119AK
HAWKER 4000 N453HB
HAWKER 4000 N508CK
HAWKER 4000 N349AK
HAWKER 4000 N699AK
HAWKER 4000 N899AK

Every Talon Air’s super midsize jets include an enclosed lavatory and offer a full galley with room for preparing and serving food and drinks. The standing and walking room is quite generous compared to smaller jets. Prime examples of available super-midsize jets from are Talon Air’s Hawker 4000, the most advanced jet available in its class, and the Bombardier Challenger 300 N818KC; which spans the country with ease.

Please call (888) TALON-AIR (631-753-8881) or Get a Quote for a private jet charter on one of Talon’s super midsize jets now. Take to the skies in comfort, efficiency and luxury with Talon Air today.