Midsize Jets

Midsize private aircraft bring together the flight distance, speed and comfort of larger jets with a lesser footprint and greener fuel consumption. This combination of agility, economy and opulence make midsize jets (which are also known as medium jets) the most versatile private jet size. Midsize jets have an average cruising speed of 510-590 mph and a common non-stop range of 2,100 miles; perfect for a quick flight from New York City to Fort Lauderdale, Seattle to San Francisco, or Boston to Chicago.

Midsize jets typically provide features that rest comfortably on a level between light and larger jets. The seating capacity for a typical midsize jet is anywhere from 7-9 passengers with roomier stand-up cabins and many of the luxury amenities seen in larger jets such as enclosed lavatories, roomy luggage compartments, and advanced entertainment and communication technology.

Midsize jets easily fly in and out of airports that are not accessible by major airlines. This class of private jet also boasts more cabin space for personal items. Talon’s own Hawker 800XP features the largest, most comfortable cabin of any equivalent midsize private jet, while its cousin, the Hawker 900XP, presents guests with a full refreshment center complete with coffee maker and microwave –features that truly make passengers feel at home.

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