Light Jets

Light jets are the entry-level jet class of the private charter industry. Light jets provide an economical choice for short to mid-range trips. This type of aircraft can travel farther and faster than non-jet aircraft such as turbo props, while “flying under the radar” by operating in and out of airports and fixed-base operations not accessible by major airlines. Their amenities normally include pressurized passenger cabins for comfort, safety and performance. Light Jets also contain a semi-private or fully private enclosed lavatory.

Light jets can reach great speeds – Talon’s Beechjet 400A is powered by fuel-efficient engines and is able to reach a cruising speed of 500 mph at an altitude of 43,000 feet – and provide access to smaller airports that are not normally utilized by larger aircraft. This feature can achieve a closer landing point to the passenger’s end-destination.

The light jets category often presents a smoother ride and quieter engine than most other jets. Light jets can fly at higher altitudes to avoid air traffic and feature pressurized cabins with seating for an average of 5-8 passengers. The average non-stop range usually hovers around 1,500 miles.

Examples of Talon Air’s light jets are the Beechjet 400A, an exclusive aircraft that is a flying icon of value, space, and style. It is powered by an environmentally conscious Pratt & Whitney Canada engine. The Hawker 400XP is another example of lightning fast, ultra-sleek luxury in the sky. Its innovative design sports a well-equipped galley, enclosed lavatory, seating for 7 passengers and the largest cabin of any comparable light jet.

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