Private Helicopters

Private helicopters are agile aircraft. Their vertical takeoffs and landings allow greater accessibility. Unlike larger aircraft, helicopters provide access to both crowded and remote locations. They land and take off where other aircraft cannot. Private helicopters will accommodate 4-6 passengers with an average cruising speed of 150-177 mph and a non-stop range of 450-591 miles, making them ideal for quick flights from Chicago to St. Louis or Columbus to Toronto.

Private helicopters are designed to be fast and comfortable. Talon Air’s helicopter charters feature low noise levels, luxurious interiors, baggage storage, and in-flight refreshment centers. Private helicopters are the most flexible and versatile aircraft for short distance flights.

Talon Air’s Fleet of Private Helicopters Includes:

BELL 407

The Sikorsky 76 is an executive helicopter that is equipped with ample fuel capacity, an impressively large external baggage compartment capable of holding four pieces of luggage and four golf bags, XM Radio, air conditioning, a full galley with an ice drawer, and Wi-Fi (in the Northeast).

Talon Air’s private helicopters provide our clients with stylish, efficient rides that are equipped with the most up-to-date avionic technology available today. As an industry leader, Talon has served clients from all over the world, maintaining the highest ratings from Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US Platinum.

Click to get a quote and join us for an all-inclusive, by-the-hour priced trip on one of our expedient private helicopters. Book a helicopter charter flight to the Hamptons, Boston or Martha’s Vineyard; your vacation or weekend getaway begins the moment your craft is aloft. Enjoy the scenic views every moment of your flight and arrive refreshed and ready to go. Also consider Talon private helicopters when you need quick transportation between airports or to swiftly reach your destination in Manhattan minus traffic snarls.