Private Jet Empty Leg Flights

Private jet empty legs offer you the convenience and luxury of flying to your destination on a private jet at a significantly lower cost than most private jet charter flights. Talon Air allows you to take advantage of a great value and choose from one of our core aircraft or from our Preferred Operator Network (Part 135 Operated, ARG/US rated and Wyvern approved) private jet empty leg listings.

Private jet empty legs exists when a particular aircraft needs to fly to a specific destination for a variety of purposes, such as returning from dropping off passengers on a one-way trip. Rather than flying the aircraft empty of passengers, Talon Air offers vastly discounted rates for passengers who don’t mind booking the prearranged flight. We share a mutual benefit, in that we can recoup some of the cost of flying the aircraft and paying for related expenses, and you pay much less for traveling aboard one of our sophisticated, luxury aircraft.

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