Complimentary VIP Concierge Service

Imagine a complimentary Concierge Service that combines the expertise of a travel agent, the convenience of a tour guide and the professionalism of a Maitre d’ at a fine dining establishment – this is what Talon Air offers our esteemed clients. Talon’s private jet VIP Concierge Service is an extension of our clients’ personal assistants and our professional and courteous staff will fulfill all of your travel requirements, no matter how detailed.

Talon Air’s personalized Concierge Service is available twenty four hours a day. From takeoff to landing and beyond, our leisure and corporate jet charter services provide a stress-free traveling experience by anticipating and delivering your pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight requirements including hotel accommodations, catering, ground transportation, in-flight services and more.

Our clients are encouraged to take full advantage of Talon’s VIP Concierge Service to provide unique arrangements and amenities associated with their trips. No request is too large or detail too small. Whether a private charter flight is scheduled for business or pleasure, Talon offers this exclusive service to accommodate our client’s and their passengers.

Let Our Concierge Service Handle It All

Flying a commercial airline or even private “air taxi service” is stressful, instead, opt for private jet charter. Allow our skilled staff to make all of the necessary travel arrangements for you. Would you like a car rental or your own driver? What is your preferred cuisine and dining expectations?  Would you like to stay at a resort or a more intimate property? Talon Air will work with you to deliver the most seamless travel experience possible.

Enjoy truly effortless travel with Talon’s Air’s Concierge. Our staff will free you from the concern of where to stay, what to do and how to get around once you arrive at your destination. This is all accomplished at your preference and leisure. Talon prides itself in accommodating our clients and serving their every need.

To book your flight and take advantage of our free Concierge Service, please call (888) TALON-AIR or click here to get a quote.