Monday, May 7th, 2012

Cessna Amphibious Caravan

Cessna Amphibious Caravan

Ever want to get away from it all? Go where few have gone before? Or just cannot face another time-consuming layover at a congested public airport? Where would you go if your destination didn’t have to be limited to a runway or tarmac? That vision is no longer a dream, but just a call to Talon Air away. For commuters, anglers, yachtsmen and other outdoorsmen Talon now offers the Amphibian Cessna Caravan for commuters, vacationers and adventure seekers alike.

Imagine the possibilities. Now urban professionals can escape to the Hamptons for the day or weekend. Daily commutes to New York City from summer homes out on the East End are now easier than ever. Talon offers flights to and from the easily accessible East 23rd Street seaport in its new 2012 Cessna Caravan Amphibian.

Capable of landing on both asphalt and water, the Cessna Caravan Amphibian accommodates up to 7 passengers with ease. Whether reserved for a working vacation or simply a pleasure trip, the newly redesigned cabin offers luxurious leather-appointed seating, warm wood cabinetry and the best view in the sky.

Whether packing for a family vacation or planning a little hunting and fishing, your gear will not interfere with your passenger’s in-flight comfort. Large sporting items and oversized baggage may be safely and securely stowed in the aircraft’s dual purpose floats while your family and/or companions relax amid the cabin’s luxurious appointments.

Lift off and fly at speeds up to 165 knots and for flights up to over 800 nautical miles. Talon Air’s concierge services ensure your scheduled getaway to the Hamptons, or spur of the moment private charter whirlwind trip to Martha’s Vineyard unfolds without issue. From scheduled executive travel to the last minute pleasure trip, call Talon Air and book their 2012 Cessna Caravan Amphibian for your civilized voyage to escape civilization entirely!