Monday, March 28th, 2011

Cell Phone Access on a Private Jet Flight

Those who might have a private jet waiting on the tarmac can now purchase the most expensive app on the Android Market. A company called ASiQ Limited Australia announced the release of the Android version of SafeCell, the world’s most “affordable” in-flight mobile phone solution for corporate jets.

According to a statement from ASiQ CEO Ron Chapman, “the app is very fast, which means that making a call at 30,000 feet or sending a message is just as simple as if you were using your mobile on the ground.”

The app works with Iridium, Inmarsat or Thuraya. But here’s the kicker: The app ranges from as little as $12,500 for a single channel license, up to $17,500 for a multi-channel license, which the company says is cheap compared to $350 – $500K for conventional mobile phone technology.

ASiQ says that SafeCell works in the United States and several countries where conventional mobile phone systems are banned.

The app can be installed on unlimited mobiles at no extra charge, however, with a single channel license, only one mobile can log on at a time, whereas with a multi-channel license, up to six mobiles can operate simultaneously.

The company says its initial target market is around 16,000 corporate aircraft equipped with a satellite link.

Source: WirelessWeek.com