February 16th, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day – Ireland’s Most Prized Tradition

Celebrate this Event with a Talon Private Jet Charter

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and the best place to celebrate the patron saint of this country is in Dublin. For four days, from Thursday, March 17, 2016, through Sunday, March 20, 2016, “Irish” men and women from around the world will gather for several days of thrilling performances, pageantry, music, food, drink and excitement! Those who make this an annual event know that Talon Air will reserve a luxuriously appointed private jet charter that will be stocked with food and beverages of their choosing, as well as any amenity they desire. Additionally, Talon’s concierge services will swiftly make all ground connections such as hotel and dining, ground transport, plus any other arrangements our clients’ request.

You’ll want every minute to spare to take in this extravaganza in honor of the man who drove snakes out of Ireland. Spend an exhilarating afternoon at the Funfair – an amusement park like no other. Enjoy a pub lunch at the Irish Craft Beer & Whiskey Village before joining the queue to view the St. Patrick’s Festival Parade, whose theme this year is “Imagine If”. Throughout the city will be “I Love My City” events, a series of engaging and evocative cultural events staged in some of Dublin’s most historic and prestigious cultural venues. ‘Round the clock from Thursday through Sunday, there will be no end to the festivities.

Flexible Schedule? Book an Empty Leg Flight on Our Elite Jets!

For those who have been longing to attend this grand and uplifting occasion in Dublin’s fair city, this could be your year. Talon offers appreciable discounts on our elite jets’ empty leg flights. If your fraternity, sorority, extended family, or even four or five couples would like to explore how you can experience the adventure of a lifetime, call Talon Air. You’ll find that, for those who can be flexible regarding their schedule, Talon offers options that bring the exclusivity of personal air travel closer to commercial flight pricing. If you cannot get away until the last minute, know that Talon requires only three hours’ notice to arrange every aspect of your private jet charter.

Make lifelong memories by booking your trip to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland through Talon Air. One call to Talon ensures that your extended party weekend will begin as soon as your private jet charter takes flight. Wheels up, party on! If you choose to make your flight a time for relaxation instead, including amenities such as WiFi and video conferencing while lounging on extremely comfortable seating, just ask. Our new Fixed Base Operator hub at Republic Airport ensures that when you arrive or disembark you’ll appreciate our plane side vehicle access, VIP helicopter transfer to and from Manhattan, US Customs and TSA screening, and numerous other exceptional conveniences and amenities. Call us today to arrange your exclusive private jet charter  on one of our elite jets today: (888) Talon Air.

December 1st, 2015

The 26th Icehotel Opens

For some it is a bucket list item, for others it is an annual event: Sweden’s original Icehotel. The structure opens December 11th, 2015 to welcome throngs of international visitors before melting entirely into groundwater next Spring. In that brief time, however, Icehotel will make an indelible impression. This year 19 suites have been constructed each with a different theme. One grandly recreates a theatre set from Imperial Russia, another contains a life-size elephant and yet another is decorated with flying sheep to inspire sweet dreams. The most extraordinary fact surrounding this hostelry is that it is entirely created from ice and snow. Be part of this year’s event! Talon Air can arrange your entire trip in your luxury private jet to Sweden and ensure that your carefree excursion begins upon takeoff. Our concierge service will see to every detail you request, however small, to make every moment of your private jet flight in our luxuriously-appointed, new Gulfstream V, and your trip magical.

Unique guest suites are but one of many singular features of this exciting venue. Icehotel’s appointments and decor feature many familiar comforts such as (ice) crystal chandeliers, a bar and even a chapel. Another extraordinary feat is the yearly construction of this ice palace. How is this possible? Location, location, location. Icehotel is built some 200 miles above the Arctic Circle in a remote village where winter temperatures hover around -25C. Initially, huge blocks of ice are quarried and trucked to the building site. Ice block construction is reinforced with “snice” (compressed snow and ice) to form walls. Just as interior designers follow tradesmen, when the structure is ready to be furnished, artisans and ice sculptors are summoned. The results are truly one of the many “wonders of the world.” 

From Your Luxury Private Jet to Your Unique Icehotel Luxury Suite, One Call to Talon Covers It All!

Despite these intricately carved walls and furnishings, it can still be less than cozy to spend a night at the Icehotel. The interior maintains a frigid -5C. Overnight guests must change into their nightwear at a separate building constructed from conventional building materials. This structure is heated to a balmy 72°. Guests are presented with a down sleeping bag and escorted to their chambers in the Icehotel. Many overnight guests delight in the experience, enjoying the play of light upon the walls. Most stay only one night and travel throughout the country for the remainder of their stay. Here again, upon request, Talon Air will create and book an itinerary for you and your entourage. We will gladly make ground arrangements or assemble another private jet flight to another destination if you wish.

If your visit to the Icehotel kicks off an extended weekend, Talon Air’s concierge services can arrange for you to go skiing, snowmobiling,or to see the breathtaking light curtain that is the Northern Lights. If one night without conventional room service has you yearning for a four star dining experience capped with a night at the Opera, Talon Air’s cordial and efficient staff can make that happen for you as well. For over a decade, Talon Air Jets has been the leader in providing luxury private jet services, even on less than three hours notice, without missing a step or overlooking a request. Our attention to detail is legendary as is our service. To reserve your private jet flight –your adventure begins the moment you board our Gulfstream V- to make your  annual trek or once in a lifetime excursion to Sweden’s Icehotel, call us at (888) Talon Air today!

November 13th, 2015

Talon Air: The Private Jet Charter Leader Goes Above and Beyond

What are the first words that come to mind when stepping inside one of Talon’s aircraft? Elegant, Plush, Well-appointed and of course Brand New.

The interior of our 20+ aircraft are no older than 3 years of age which is unheard of in the On-Demand Private Jet Industry. We pride ourselves on offering the best service, flown by the best crew on the best aircraft at the most competitive price.

To be the best, one must also be the first and the finest. Headquartered near the city that never sleeps, Talon Air’s staff also works tirelessly to ensure our elite private jet charter company continuously strives to provide the amenities and services our discriminating clientele require.

We anticipate and fulfill client needs, often before they realize their necessity. It was not enough that we offer one of the youngest and optimally-maintained fleets. Talon Air aimed to eclipse that earlier triumph. Here are but a few of our latest innovations:

Talon Air: First with the Finest Innovations

We’ve just completely overhauled and redesigned our Signature Large Cabin Aircraft. From tip to tail, each aircraft boasts enhancements that were implemented with our customers’ input, to produce a superior experience that cannot be found anywhere in the charter industry -only from Talon Air.

Inside and out, refinements abound. A new exterior paint scheme belies luxurious new appointments within: plush leather seats, custom carpets and high-end, in-flight entertainment systems are the distinctive changes our clients will notice as they board our aircraft. Once seated personal conveniences will become apparent: individual USB ports, individual Apple iPad’s, cabin management control panels, Apple AirPlay access and the digital movie and music library at your fingertips are among the distinctions and client-conscious upgrades that set our aircraft apart from the competition.

We know the little things can go a long way. And that it is the personal touches which distinguish our airline from our industry peers. Talon Air has focused its upgrades on the smallest details in both the amenities and the renowned service we provide. Talon Air’s conveniences frees our clientele so they can remain focused on their objectives while we anticipate and fulfill their every in-flight and on the ground travel requirement.

Reserve Your Next Private Jet Charter From Talon Air’s Remastered Gulfstream Fleet

If your group is large or small, Talon can accommodate your specifications with ease. Here are some in-demand examples from Talon’s well-maintained Gulfstream fleet:

Gulfstream IVSP
Completely remastered in 2015
14 passenger configuration
8.5 hour range

Gulfstream G350
Completely remastered in 2015
14 passenger configuration
7.5 hour range

Gulfstream V
Completely remastered in 2015
17 passenger configuration
12 hour range

Planning a business or personal trip and have not yet experienced the Talon Air private jet charter difference? Call our representatives to get a quote and discuss your requirements today: (888) Talon Air!

October 1st, 2015

Ring in the New in St. Barts or at Vienna’s New Year’s Eve Imperial Ball

For some of our esteemed clients, the holidays afford them a brief respite from high-level business travel and the opportunity to jet either St. Barts or Vienna for the highpoint of the social season. Each destination has its own distinctive New Year’s celebration. When you book through Talon Air you may be assured that whichever venue you select Talon Air’s representatives will take care of every detail to ensure you have complete peace of mind and an entirely luxurious travel experience.

St. Barts is said to be a French night club atop 8 square miles of volcanic rock. It is here that billionaires gather every year to mingle and celebrate. New Year’s Eve on St. Barts is a holiday whirl of private parties for the privileged and those with celebrity status. Renting a private villa and/or a yacht is a prerequisite for entre into these ultimate luxury experiences hosted at nightclubs,on board their vessel or at their temporary domicile. Whatever the weather is like back home, it is always a balmy and sun-filled oasis here with breathtaking views and amazing energy. Talon Air can arrange your arrival at St.Bart’s Gustaff III airport in our well-appointed Hawker 4000 with as little as three hours’ notice, should you decide to ring in the New Year on this island paradise.

In with the Old New Year’s Traditions in Vienna

If your concept of luxury includes formal wear in an elegant setting and waltzing in ¾ time to the strains of Strauss, then New Year’s Eve in Vienna is your venue. Vienna’s ball season kicks off in early November, reaches its peak in January and carries celebrants through most of the frigid winter to its end in mid-February. The season highlight is the New Year’s Eve ball, held at the Imperial Palace. It is a grand affair that includes superb dining and dance and has changed little over the last century. With tradition comes ball etiquette which includes a strict dress code. Participants would not have it otherwise. Should you plan to cap off your year with an elegant and gracious dancing display followed by the coffee and pastries Vienna is renowned for, call to make your Talon Air reservation now.

Talon Air’s professional staff can compile your magical holiday on very short notice. However, our clients’ holiday social calendars fill up quickly. During the last quarter of the year we see an increased demand for our fleet, especially our superb Hawker 4000. Therefore now is an ideal time to reserve your preferred aircraft to avoid disappointment later. Contact our customer service representatives who will gladly see that your every travel requirement is fulfilled. Call today at (888) Talon Air!

September 1st, 2015

Make This Year’s Melbourne Cup, Mate!

It is said that the annual Melbourne Cup, Australia’s major thoroughbred horse event, is “the race that stops a nation”. It is also considered one of the richest turf races, with this year’s purse estimated at over $6.5 million. The race is so significant to the nation that the Melbourne Cup is a legal holiday in Victoria and an average of 110,000 attendees from all over the world flock to the region to partake in the festivities. At the Flemington racetrack, this year’s contenders exploding out of the starting gate is not the only spectacle. ‘Fashions on the Field’ is a major focus as well, with substantial prizes awarded to the best -dressed man and woman. With so many in attendance and so much going on, binoculars and a great itinerary are musts.

If you have your sights set on attending events during all four days surrounding the Melbourne Cup this November, know that your expedition begins the moment you board your Talon private jet charter. If you wish to know as much as the touts do about this year’s field, you can connect to Racenet using our in-flight WiFi. While you determine who is your projected Cup Winner, you’ll relax in our luxuriously appointed cabins that feature leather seating and savor requested snacks and meals from our superb catering menu. You’ll arrive refreshed and ready to go off to the races!

Let Talon Air’s Concierge Services Provide a Personal Touch

If you’re an experienced racetrack aficionado or just a punter, no one will ever know if you allow Talon’s exceptional Concierge Services to plan your itinerary. We can assist with lodging, transportation and evening dining reservations during this fully ticketed event so you do not miss a moment of the excitement – and even make some of your own!

Life is full of exceptional experiences and distance should not prevent your participation and enjoyment. For a once in a lifetime event such as attending the Melbourne Cup, consider a Talon empty leg or group flight. By dividing the cost between a number of friends and/or family, this exceptional experience can be made more affordable. If you would like to make this year’s Melbourne Cup a reality for you and your friends and family or even as a corporate event, contact our representatives today to discuss the options available.