Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Business Aviation For Sky High Potential

Business Aviation For Sky High Potential

We’ve all heard that time is money, but it’s never been truer than it is in today’s busy corporate climate.  Everyone is looking for great tools to boost productivity.  Most of this search is placed in the hands of new software, apps and other communication solutions, but for crucial face-to-face meetings that require travel, business aviation is the answer.

Business aviation is simply the use of airplanes or helicopters for business purposes as opposed to military or commercial airline use.  The business aviation community consists of many players who vary in size and in their offerings of aircraft.  The aircraft used include everything from turbine aircraft and private jets to helicopters that are flown over rush-hour traffic for news reporting.  The vast majority of businesses under the umbrella of business aviation are small to mid-size ventures as opposed to commercial behemoths like United Air or American Airlines.

Business aviation is especially important for companies who require maximum flexibility while conducting important meetings, attending key conferences or completing crucial transactions.  Here are some of the opportunities that business aviation provides these companies with:

1) A private, secure workspace for employees to meet and plan en route.

2) The ability to reach multiple destinations in a single day.

3) Top-notch communication equipment and services to remain in contact with colleagues on the ground.

4) Safe and secure transport of items and materials that cannot be stowed aboard commercial airlines.

5) An enormous reduction in travel time, enabling companies and their employees to focus on the obstacles to overcome at their destination, rather than on their journey.

Efficient and productive use of time leads to sharper minds, better business tactics and bigger profits.  At Talon Air, we understand this principle and the time-sensitive needs of our clients.  Talon Air is the choice of Fortune 500 executives, celebrities and high net-worth individuals due to our commitment to safety, superior customer service and ability to provide flight readiness in just 3 hours.  We also offer a concierge service that helps our clients schedule their travel and make trip arrangements before, during or after their flight.  Our welcoming and knowledgeable pilots and flight staff are dedicated to providing the most relaxing, timely and luxurious business aviation flights in the industry.  Talon Air is also a safety leader in the private jet industry, having been recognized by the Wyvern Aviation Research Group for “best in-flight standards”.

Choose from our fleet of heavy, super-midsize, midsize and light jets to accommodate your travel needs and join us for your all-inclusive, by-the-hour priced trip. To ask questions, acquire more information or book your company’s private jet, contact our platinum-certified customer service team today at 1-888-TALON-AIR or click “Get A Quote.”