Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

5 Tips for Booking a Private Jet

5 Tips for Booking a Private Jet

Thinking about booking a private jet?  If so, you are one of an elite class of air travelers who will benefit from the incredible convenience and luxury a private jet can offer.  But how do you go about booking a private jet?  Talon Air is here to provide you with some great tips for your perusal.

Provide As Much Information as Possible

Provide your travel dates, approximate departure times and an estimate of the minimum or maximum amount of passengers you may be traveling with in order to help us offer the best and most appropriate aircraft for your flight.

Choose a Destination, Not a Nearby Airport

Choose and relay the destination that you are looking to travel to or from, rather than a large, nearby airport.  Talon Air is often able to bypass international airports in favor of smaller, private and municipal airports that are closer to your final destination.

Think About Your Luggage Needs

How many pieces of luggage will you be carrying and what types of luggage are you using?  We want to make sure your luggage will fit safely.  For example, 6 average-sized pieces of luggage will fit in the baggage compartment more easily than two large-sized hard trunks.

Book Early

Talon Air can accommodate clients with as little as 3 hours notice, but if your travel dates fall during peak holiday periods or you have the given flexibility, do your best to book early.  This will allow you to avoid paying the high premiums that go along with booking a private jet the day before a big holiday weekend.

Be Flexible

Don’t forget to inquire about empty legs or discounted one way rates.  For example, if requesting a one-way flight from one city to another on a Friday evening, let us know that a flight the following morning is also acceptable.

Whether it’s a faraway island or a major metropolitan hub you want to get to, Talon Air can provide you with the finest blend of extravagance, security and efficiency in the entire private jet industry.  To ask questions about booking a private jet with us please contact our customer service team today at 1-888-TALON-AIR or click “Get A Quote.