Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Arrive at Island Destinations by Private Jet Charter

Arrive at Island Destinations by Private Jet Charter

The world’s island destinations feature some of the most breathtaking scenery, significant histories, and delectable cuisines. Though many of these islands have limited capacity for incoming and outgoing private jet charter flights – this does not affect Talon’s ability to transport clients quickly, safely, and luxuriously. These islands are highly sought after for their rich cultures and incredible sightseeing opportunities. 

St. Lucia

In the Eastern Caribbean lies the sovereign island country of Saint Lucia. It is a highly frequented destination by both private and corporate jet charter flights due to its tropical weather, scenery, beautiful beaches and exquisite resorts. St. Lucia is home to a drive-in volcano, Sulphur Springs, Botanical Gardens, rain forests, a National Park and many mountains to explore. 


In between North Africa and Southern Europe lays Malta, an island whose location as a naval base has given it immense tactical significance throughout history. Its tourism industry is fueled by its warm climate, unique culture, fine dining opportunities and its architectural, archaeological and historical monuments, including the Megalitchic Temples, which are one of the oldest structures in the world. 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s East-meets-West culture blend makes it a much desired destination for both private and corporate jet charter flights. It is an entertainment hub and a global center of international trade with many museums, performance venues, beaches, sporting events, towering skyscrapers and exotic cuisines to experience. 


Off the coast of Italy and nearby the island of Corsica, Sardinia draws in sightseers for both business and pleasure. The island features natural parks and reserves, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, delectable cuisine, water sports, indigenous fauna and rare wildlife. 


The island of Ibiza lies midway between the coastline of Spain and the larger island of Majorca. Ibiza is known for its wild nightlife with its many DJs, clubs, parties, bars and restaurants. It also features natural wonders such as the Ses Feixes, Wetlands and a UNESCO World Heritage Site called God’s Finger in the Benirras Bay. Local delicacies are bollit de peix (fish stew), arros de matanca (rice with pork) and flaons (cheese-filled sweet pastries.) 

Whether you seek serene beaches for pleasure or bustling metropolitan hubs for business, Talon Air’s corporate jet charter flights can take you to your desired island destination for the perfect business retreat or family vacation. Call (888) TALON-AIR or click “Get a Quote” to find out more.