Allow Talon Air to assess your private jet needs and determine which aircraft is best suited for you and your passengers.

On-Demand Charter Flights

Talon Air provides On-Demand Charters, meaning that flights and crew are available with only 3-hours notice. Clients may utilize Talon aircraft on a trip by trip basis or enter into a Block Time Agreement or enter into a Talon SkyCard. At Talon, we allow our clients the flexibility to choose from any aircraft in our vertically-integrated fleet at wholesale pricing. We also offer competitive one-way pricing for each and every private jet charter flight.

Whether you have a one-way or round-trip, please contact us to request a quote for any travel itinerary anywhere in the world: 631-753-8881

Guaranteed Jet Charter Availability

Talon Air guarantees that when you call for your private jet, either your jet or a larger one will be available to you with as little as 4 hours notice, for domestic non-peak travel.

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Round Trip or Occupied Hourly Pricing on a Private Jet

We determine the most economical pricing structure for your itinerary. Roundtrip pricing is offered for trips departing from and returning to the NY-Metro area while achieving a two-hour per day minimum utilization for each day that the aircraft is booked or in service for you. This pricing will prove to be substantially less than any fractional ownership or jet card alternative on the market.

Talon Skycard

We offer clients the opportunity to purchase a Talon SkyCard. Clients may participate by furnishing their account with $50,000 or more – the sky is the limit. A SkyCard acts as an aviation debit card where the cost of one’s flight is simply deducted every time that they fly. For your convenience, Talon Air offers pre-purchased block time programs that can be tailored to your specific travel requirements. This program allows clients to purchase a pre-determined amount of hours on our private aircraft at a substantial savings.

Block Time Agreements

Buy charter hours in increments of 25 with no upfront acquisition or membership fee and enjoy guaranteed aircraft availability and complete flexibility to upgrade and downgrade within the fleet. Since 2001, Talon Air has revolutionized the private aviation experience for a select group of discerning travelers. With Personalized Block Time Agreements, you gain the consistency, convenience, access and time advantages of aircraft ownership without the financial burden, time commitment or associated liability.

Average Utilization

Achieve the lowest effective rate per hour by averaging your utilization over a pre-determined period of time, giving you the flexibility that only Talon Air provides.

Transparent Pricing

The flight hours purchased, are fixed for the first 12 months of the 18 month agreement. All-inclusive pricing includes: Flight Time, Landing/Ramp Fees, Crew Overnight Expense, Standard Catering, Segment Tax, and Federal Excise Tax. Possible additional fees include: Non-standard catering, International Fees, Armed Security Officer Fee and a Fuel Escalator. All additional fees are passed through to the client at actual cost.

Empty Leg Program

Choose from one of our core aircraft or from our Preferred Operator Network (Part 135 Operated, ARG/US rated and Wyvern approved) empty leg listings. Join Talon Air’s exclusive Empty Leg email list and take advantage of discounted private jet flights.

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