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Talon VS. Competition

Compare And See The Talon Air Advantage In business two demographics must be observed: your clients and your competition. It is easy to please the one sector and outpace the other if you anticipate and exceed clients’ expectations. That is Talon Air’s credo: Attention to Detail. It has made us a leader in the private

Serque Yacht

The Ultimate in Luxury Travel:  Serque Yacht Imagine spending the winters cruising the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean or the summers gazing upon the lighthouse-speckled, rocky coasts of the Northeast. Now imagine doing so in unparalleled elegance and sublime comfort. That’s exactly what clients of Talon Air have come to expect. We offer our clients

Concierge Service

Complimentary VIP Concierge Service Imagine a complimentary Concierge Service that combines the expertise of a travel agent, the convenience of a tour guide and the professionalism of a Maitre d’ at a fine dining establishment – this is what Talon Air offers our esteemed clients. Talon’s private jet VIP Concierge Service is an extension of

Value Added Benefits

Talon Air, Inc. is the premier private jet charter company for Fortune 500 executives, corporate flight departments, celebrities, high net worth individuals and families. Talon Air, Inc. owns and operates the most diverse fleet of private aircraft in the world including all classes of jets, a Sikorsky helicopter and turbo prop aircraft. With the highest

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Private jet manufacturers like GulfStream and Boeing are industry experts in building light, midsize, super midsize or heavy jet aircraft that seat just a few passengers for short flights, to large corporate jets that are ideal for trans Atlantic and international trips. Imagine cruising through a deep blue sky in the height of luxury, enjoying in-flight amenities, in an aircraft