Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

5 Places Every Traveler Needs to Visit in Their Lifetime

5 Places Every Traveler Needs to Visit in Their Lifetime

Experience Luxury Air Travel on Your Talon Private Air Charter

Everyone intends to see Rome, Paris, London, and Barcelona once if not several times in their lifetime. However, there are so many wonders of the world waiting to be enjoyed all within a few days’ time. Talon Air has refined luxury air travel to accommodate even the most discriminating clienteles’ wishes on almost a moment’s notice. Given three hours, Talon’s renowned concierge service can assemble every in-flight amenity required to ensure a relaxing and stress-free excursion. For the utmost in comfort and convenience, reserve a Gulfstream V heavy jet, from our expansive fleet, to experience airborne opulence every moment of your flight.

Make your first stop exhilarating Rio De Janeiro. Here, natural wonders and what has been called the most beautiful metropolis converge. Spend your days hiking the crest overlooking Guanabara Bay, then immerse yourself in Rio’s exotic nightlife. Two musts are to attend Rio’s Annual Carnival that saturates the city with lights, music, dancing and its own vibrancy. Also to view the Christ the Redeemer statue that watches over this unique urban wonder. Talon Air’s representatives can arrange it all from- accommodations, ground transportation, reservations…All you need do is enjoy.

Experience Talon Air’s Luxury Air Travel

Next, make your way to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Experience its underwater majesty and colorful inhabitants including vivid angel and parrot fish, and brilliant, living coral. From this extraordinary event you’ll soar in your private air jet to Tanzania. Here you and your party will observe the annual great migration of millions of animals including Wildebeests, Gazelles and Zebra in search of water. Talon Air can make your connections with the best safari outfitters to ensure you’ll not miss a single lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino or leopard along the way!

Pause at your next destination, the legendary Taj Mahal, and marvel at its majesty, precision and craftsmanship that belies its antiquity. Talon Air can also make tour arrangements as well as suggest additional local attractions during your visit. Finally, relax and revitalize at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. As one of the world’s most popular hot springs, the Lagoon provides visitors with mineral-rich seawater, naturally heated, to a balmy 100 degrees.

Wheels up on the last leg of your journey, you’ll fully appreciate Talon’s luxury air travel with gourmet meals onboard your private air jet. Re-entry will not be a shock if you need to review business emails or review presentations in-flight. Plush leather seating, superb acoustics, WIFI you and your entourage will have complete access to Apple AirPlay as well as Talon’s digital movie and music libraries. Talon can also facilitate customs and other arrangements to ensure every minute of your travels is spent exactly as you wish.

For the trip of a lifetime, a family reunion, business trip, or traveling to a major event, call our representatives to get a quote and discuss your requirements today: (888) Talon Air!